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A couple of years ago, I integrated what is known as the Functional Movement System into my program design at FitterFaster.

Integrating this system into the group format program design has been nothing short of amazing. I really believe that this form of screening and standardizing movement is essential for safe and effective results.

The amazing thing about how I’ve integrated it, is that most clients wouldn’t even know I do this. I am able to assess and correct throughout a session by watching your body, your face, listening to things you might say and reading your body language as you train.

How does this help you, the client?

Pain should not be present while performing basic bodyweight movement patterns at any time. If there is pain associated with these basic movement patterns, movement patterns will be compromised and substantially increase the likelihood for developing further injury to the site of pain. Also, this could lead to a secondary injury from the body compensating to avoid the pain or restricted movement. This is so, so common and usually, when pain is present, the injury that caused it in the first place is nowhere near where the pain is occurring.

Having limitations within basic movement patterns, even if they’re pain free, can create compensations and general weaknesses that may lead to a greater likelihood of injury.

Basic unilateral movement patterns should be symmetrical on both right and left sides of the body. Meaning in simple terms, you should be able to do exactly the same thing with both sides of your body. One shoulder shouldn’t be stronger than the other and drills like side planks etc should be equally as strong and have equally good technique on both sides.

My goal at FitterFaster is to provide the best personal training services in Maryborough.

Using the Functional Movement Screening Systems, I am able to establish a solid screening system to better help manage and prevent injury to the musculoskeletal system. Also by establishing this, I am able to monitor and track progress to ensure that the right drills and exercises are being implemented for every individual-even within the group environment.

All of this screening, assessing, and implementing the right mix of exercises into my programs helps to keep FitterFaster’s clientele safer and healthier for long periods of time.

While I realize that injuries may happen, it’s my job to reduce the likelihood.

After all, if someone gets injured during training, their outlook and thought processes about exercise can be compromised for the rest of their lives.

Exercise should be enjoyable…Exercise should be well thought out and serve a purpose…Exercise should help you meet and exceed your goals…Exercise should help improve movement patterns and make daily activities more enjoyable.

This training philosophy is the foundation of my personal training and FitForce program design at FitterFaster. This may mean that instead of performing some drills and movements that others in the group may be doing, you may be performing corrective or alternative exercises instead during the training sessions.

The reason for taking certain exercises out of your program all stems back to getting results whilst NOT INJURING YOU or making existing injuries worse.

It’s my job to get you the best possible results and keep you injury free.

It’s all about the quality of the movement, not the quantity.

So don’t be surprised if you’re taken aside to learn corrective drills and stopped from doing certain movements. It will all be temporary and will lead to better results in the long term for YOU.

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3 Things you have to do today to get results

Taking care of your body can be hard work.  Eating properly, finding time to train, sleeping enough hours, it all takes effort and you know this.

So why are you thinking you can accomplish a healthy, fit, lean body without any effort at all?

It usually comes down to an imbalance between what you want to achieve and what you’re willing to do to achieve it.

They say that nothing worth achieving is easy and I think that is especially true when it comes to being really healthy, having lots of energy and being lean and maintaining all that long term.

Getting fit, getting healthy, getting lean all require you to do certain things.  There are absolutely no shortcuts.

So many people tell me they want to lose weight, but when it comes to what they have to do to achieve it, they simply don’t want to do it.  They feel like they should be able to get results with little effort because all the advertising and marketing tells us this all the time. We start to believe that we can get great results by simply handing over some cash and popping some pills.

The truth is, if you avoid eating properly, you avoid training and you avoid good lifestyle habits, one day you’ll wake up overweight, sick, unfit and on a downward spiral to even worse health.

Or are you there already?

So what are 3 things you have to do today to get results?

  1. Stop eating processed foods.  No bars (not even protein, low fat, low carb, breakfast, meal replacement, paleo or anything), no breakfast cereals, no preprepared meals, sauces or snacks.  Start cooking real food, meats, chicken, fish, vegetables, fruit, eggs, etc
  2. Start moving your body.  Don’t wait for the latest piece of equipment to arrive. Don’t wait to sign up to the newest training program.  Just get out and do stuff.  Run, jump, walk, squat, lift and pull.  Move your body, get puffed, build up a sweat.  Do it NOW
  3. Get to bed earlier.  I know, you have to do the ironing, clean the house, watch TV, get on Facebook…… But sleep is more important.  Successful people go to bed earlier and get up earlier if there are things they need to do.  This has been proven time and time again and if you read biographies of successful people in all areas of life, they will agree!

I’m a busy mum of 5. I run two businesses from home, I fit in exercise, cooking every day and spend lots of time with my extremely busy kids.  I can show you how to achieve all your health and fitness goals in the real world.  How you can take a perfect plan and make it fit for YOU because we are all different with different circumstances, goals and all starting from somewhere different.  What works for me may not work for you, but I can help you to fit health and fitness into yours and  your family’s life.

I offer online and in person training and nutrition plans that teach you how to eat, what is the best way to exercise and what are the lifestyle habits you actually should be doing.  I show you how to make it all work in the real world.

I have no gimmicks. No ‘products’ to sell.  I don’t make outrageous promises – sorry, it does take more than 6 minutes per day and a miracle african herb to achieve a great body.

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