FitterFaster TransForm Together 6 week Challenge

I’m very excited to announce the TransForm Together Challenge which will commence on September 10th 2018

If you have tried to lose weight before, started diets or exercise programs, purchased shakes, bars or other supplements and failed to achieve long lasting results, this challenge is for you.

At FitterFaster, we believe in life changing results.  We promise to help you to achieve your desired weight loss, get fitter, have more energy and to teach you how to keep doing this for the rest of you life.  Not just for a few weeks or a month or two

This is not a quick fix.   You will learn how to cook and prepare healthy meals and snacks and exactly what foods you should and shouldn’t eat on a regular basis.  

It doesn’t mean you can never have treats again, but you will see how to fit these foods and drinks into your daily plan and still see great results.  And I’ll be with you every step of the way to make sure this works for you

Why the Transform Together Project?

  • You want to feel energetic and healthy again
  • You’re an action taker and you’re going to do something about your current physical and mental state
  • You’re ready to have some ‘me’ time to get your mojo back for everyone else
  • You’re sick of how you look in the mirror and want to be happy when you do
  • You feel flat and tired most of the time and want to change that so you have more energy for all the things you and your family love to do
  • Your clothing size is starting to depress you.  You don’t need to keep putting weight on, I can teach you how to lose it and then stop putting it on for good
  • You have a birthday, holiday or other special occasion coming up and you want to look and feel fabulous for it
  • You suffer almost daily from headaches and you seem to catch every bug going around – it’s time to end that
  • You just want to feel proud of yourself again and find YOU

To see more before and afters and read what other FitterFaster have to say about my programs click here:

This is what some participants had to say about our challenges

“Not only did I lose nearly 20kg , but I feel amazing. I sleep great, I’m full of energy and I’m happier and more confident in myself. And because of all this I can do my job well, like I have more patience with the kids as I’m not feeling crap and tired etc.”

“All my clothes are baggy now, down 2 sizes. I feel a million dollars and motivated for my next goals 🙂 and I have been educated to be able to make the right food choices. It’s a lifestyle change not a diet.”

“I have done a few programs with Jo at FitterFaster over the last six years. All have given good results with lots of kgs and cms lost, but I have found this latest program to be the best and most positive. Before I started at FitterFaster I had followed other programs, and I found that over time I failed to maintain my weight loss due to falling back into the regular bad eating habits once the program had finished and from there the motivation to continue with the training diminished. Jo’s programs have taught me that healthy food can be delicious and easy to prepare through the meal program and the Fitterfaster recipe book. My family also enjoyed the food and I found that being organised and knowing what was to be prepared ahead of time actually made for a more relaxed atmosphere at home and actually saved time! The training was enjoyable throughout the programs as Jo has added different training options and times (from when I previously attended) which suited me and my family better. I found that I enjoyed going to training when it was at a time that fitted into our family/work routine.”

“Everyone involved in the program was supportive. Jo was always prepared to answer any queries and armed us with all the information we required. I met new people and reconnected with people I hadn’t seen in a long time and received encouragement from a lot of Jo’s clients, some who I didn’t even know. The trainers, Leigh, Caitlin, Amanda, Trish and Jo, were very encouraging which was helpful in getting through the tough moments.
To anyone who has weight to lose, wants to improve their fitness and get off the merry-go-round of ‘dieting’ and bad eating habits, all with down to earth, honest, yet professional support and advice, I would say give FitterFaster and this challenge a go.”

You’ll have the support of your own team

This time we will be running the Challenge as a team event. You’ll be working in a 3-person team throughout the 6 week Challenge to achieve the biggest percentage weight loss and earn the most team points by following along with the challenge.  

Feedback from my last team challenge said that that working with others made their results so much better and easier to stick with.

You can find your own team members, or I can help to match up those that are unable to do so. For 6 weeks, you’ll be following the FitterFaster Nutrition Program, training regularly (minimum 3 times per week), undertaking physical and written challenges and all the time, earning points towards other prizes.

In our last Transform Together Challenge in mid 2017, participants collectively lost over 80kg. That’s why I’m modelling this challenge on that one

If you are training at another facility and wish to continue doing so, there is an option for you to join the ‘online’ part of this challenge as well. Keep reading.

I also have an option for those who do not wish to train at FitterFaster

IF you’ would prefer to continue training at your current facility (and it’s okay with them that you do our challenge) I am totally happy for you to do that.    Please contact me to get further details about that option before you sign up. Don’t worry, I won’t try to convince you to leave where you are now

In the past I have had many people like you join in with the nutrition and lifestyle changes in our challenges, while continuing to train where they currently are.  While of course I’d prefer you to train with us for more individual support and feedback, it’s okay if that’s not going to work for you

For those that wish to train at home, please also contact me prior to joining to get details about how that will work.

You can reach me by email at or can text/phone me on  0429 612975

The reason why I insist on training (either with us, somewhere else or at home) as part of this program is because that is how you’ll get the best results.  So you can train with us (my preferred option so I can fully support you), you can continue at your current facility, or you can get my online training program to complete workouts at home.

So what do you get?

  • Unlimited training at FitterFaster – unless you choose to continue your current training regime (please contact me about that first). Our training program is guaranteed to get you results.   Without training, your transformation will not be complete. An effective training program will reshape your body and prevent that ‘skinny-fat’ look that you sometimes see in people that simply diet.
  • Menus and recipes – you’ll know exactly what to eat and when with my program.  And if you don’t like certain foods, simple – there are options to substitute and alternative recipes as well.
  • Easy and fast to prepare meals – who has time for hours in the kitchen?  Not me.  All of the meals and snack are not just delicious, but are super easy to prepare and don’t take much time either.
  • Daily emails and instructions – all of my challenge programs include support 7 days per week.  And as well as that, you’ll get daily emails that educate you so you know why you’re making the changes I’m asking you to make and so that you’ll be able to continue beyond the 6 week challenge.
  • Guaranteed results.  If you don’t see results, I will refund your money
  • Support and accountability – I know its easy to promise these, but we really do provide this at FitterFaster.  All of our coaches will individually help you at all training sessions and be able to answer your questions.  You can contact me almost 24/7 via text or email or can catch up with me at your training sessions.  And on top of that, because you’ll be part of a 3 person team, you’ll have each other to keep accountable to.  Accountability is what has stopped you from succeeding in the past.   You’ll love the way we do this at FitterFaster.
  • A chance to win prizes along the way and the grand prize at the end.  All prizes are awarded on effort – that’s where our points system comes in.  The prizes include ongoing training because we all know this is a journey that doesn’t have an end destination.  It is a journey that needs to continue forever because like a slippery upward track, it is ever so easy to slip backwards without support and. a long enough time to develop habits for life.

How much is the 6 week challenge?

The Transform Together Challenge is just $349 including 6 weeks unlimited training at FitterFaster.

For those training elsewhere, or would like the option to train at home, the cost is $179 (please contact me first for details)

For existing FitterFaster clients, the cost is just $59

Payment will be made after you register – so please wait for the thank you page to load

This is a brand new challenge with DAILY support, educational and accountability emails as well as a private Facebook group.  I’ve taken the best from all the challenges and programs I’ve previously run and made this one even more awesome. 

If you have any questions at all about this challenge, please contact me asap.  Registrations close strictly on September 2nd and I am unable to accept any late entries.

By reading this far, I know you’re a bit like me – you’re the sort of person who takes action.  Unfortunately you’ve missed this round of the TTP.

If you’d like me to let you know when the next challenge begins please follow this link to join my newsletter