Do you feel like you know what to eat, but you just can't get it together?

Do you feel like the wheels have fallen off with your eating lately?

Does staying inside with comfort food sound familiar?

The 6 week FitterFaster Body Transformation Blitz will change how you look at food and training. It will also change how you look!

The 6 week program starts on February 6th.  



(entry open to those close enough to FitterFaster to attend only)

Absolutely no late registrations will be allowed

I'm going to give you the nutrition and training strategies that work. No counting calories or doing long slow cardio sessions. No skipping meals or being hungry. You'll be able to eat plenty and get your training sessions done quickly each day.

There are too many programs out there that expect you to do almost endless amounts of exercise every day, or that go the other extreme and tell you it only takes 6 minutes per day to change your body.

Both of these approaches are totally unrealistic. They will both result in little or no changes in your body shape and leave you frustrated and disappointed as you continue your search for the next magical program that gives you all the answers and promises results with little effort.

  • The Challenge was just what I needed to make me accountable and motivated to be organised, and push myself harder.   Big thanks to you Jo, you are so supportive and change people’s lives. I couldn’t of made the life changes I have without you xox I really enjoyed every part of the challenge, the food plans, the friendships made, the chit chat with the other participants about how they were going with it, the results for everyone and myself, the training, the information you provided (I feel like I learnt heaps about having a good & balanced diet and a healthy life style) creating new habits that are now apart of my lifestyle. Feel so much better as a person for doing it, much happier on the inside as well as my weight loss appearance.
  • Jo you have given me a new outlook on my diet and my families diet.  We still have some work to do but to actually get back to basics and cook everything from fresh is refreshing!!  Thank you!!    I was so surprised!   I knew that I had lost a bit but the results were super!!  My next goal is to get under the 70 mark!!
  • I have wonderful news, through your food plan & walking I've lost 6kgs! And I loved every minute of it & every mouthful of your recipes. I'm feeling the best I've felt in a couple of years and I've lost 6kg! It was a great program that was well thought out, the recipes were all yum! i thought the facebook group & the emails were a great idea for encouragement and support. i feel like i have learnt alot from joining the program and it is true to its word. The results have been fantastic

You get all this and guaranteed results for just $149

Everything is included.

There's even an option to train with us at FitterFaster if you prefer.  You can email me to find out details about that if that is something that interests you.  

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Not many years ago, I found myself following one weight loss program after another. This diet and that one. Long weights sessions, more cardio, heck, I was even competing in half ironman events and training up to 14 hours a week and I still wasn't happy with how I looked.

I was eating a low-fat diet high in wholesome whole grain foods. From time to time I'd cut out carbs and eat high protein because that's what everyone said would work, but guess what! It didn't. I would lack energy for training and as soon as I added those carbs back in, the tiny bit of weight I had lost would come straight back.

Most people I knew said I looked great, and I did look ok - in my clothes at least. I had slowly added a few more kilos after each child (I have 5) and the muscle tone in my body was poor despite all the training I was doing. So when I looked in the mirror, I really wasn't happy with what I saw.

The media said I needed to do more weights, so I joined a gym and began heavy body building style weight training.

I got a lot stronger - a lot stronger. I was still competing in triathlons so I was doing weight training as well as loads of cardio and you know what happened? I got bigger.

My butt and legs in particular grew. And grew, and grew. Yes, I was more toned and did like the muscles in my arms, but I still couldn't see my abs under the layer of fat and I couldn't fit into the same jeans I'd been just squeezing into for ages.

About 6 months later  I stopped wearing jeans because my legs just looked huge in them.

My program was not working despite me eating not very much (compared to what I eat now), being careful to avoid excess fat and doing all this training - 3-4 hours per week with a personal trainer doing weights and another 7-9 hours per week swimming, cycling and running.

After a couple of years of this, I decided I had to find out for myself why this wasn't working.

For the last almost 8-9 years I've totally changed the way I eat and the way I train. I now get to eat lots more food each day than I ever was, I train a lot less AND I'm pretty happy with how I look. I can even see my abs and I've trimmed my legs and butt so I can wear jeans again.  And my health and energy levels have never been better.

So what does all this mean for you?

I can show you exactly how to eat and how to train to get the maximum results possible. You can transform your body and you can love the way you look and feel.  I've proven it with my own body and the bodies of 100's of clients.

I teach people how to use a style of training that combines right amount and type of resistance training with interval cardio training to produce the best results.

FitterFaster style training uses drills and exercises performed at a higher intensity to boost your metabolism, build strength without getting too bulky and flip your fat burning switch into overdrive.

It also increases the number of calories and fat your body burns both during the training session as well as afterward.

Incorporating resistance training, improves the results by increasing the calorie burn and by reshaping your body. FitterFaster training drastically reduces the time needed to get better results. Not only will you look great, but you'll have more energy, be stronger and be fitter too.

I'll also teach you the truth about healthy eating. Through eating real foods, and not some man made stuff pretending to be food, you'll not only be healthier but you'll change your body from being a sugar burning, sugar craving machine, into a smooth running efficient fat burner.

I will teach you which combinations of food work best together and when to eat them. Certain foods are best at certain times of the day - little things like that make a huge difference.

But don't worry, it's not complicated at all and I'm going to take you step by step through it all. I will tell you exactly what to eat and when. It's fool proof and it works.

This is exactly how I've helped my clients lose almost 2 tonnes of body fat. This is an amazing achievement by every one of them and they'll all tell you that despite trying many different programs and plans, this is the one thing that worked for them.

The 6 week FitterFaster Body Blitz will change how you look at food and training. It will also change how you look and how you feel. 

You get everything delivered in a Private Facebook group so you don't even have to leave your own home.  

All workouts can be completed at home.  All you'll need are a set of hand weights (dumbbells).  If you do prefer to attend a gym or fitness centre, that's fine too.  

All food can be easily sourced from the local supermarket and all meals and recipes are super easy to prepare and great for your whole family - yes really!

Register by January 27th before it closes.

Program starts February 6th

$149 includes everything

If you're still thinking about whether this is right for you, consider this:
  • If you've tried more than one diet before and not seen results, you need to try something different
  • Not doing anything will mean that nothing will change and you'll continue to slowly put more weight on as the years go by
  • If you follow the program and don't see results I will fully refund your registration costs
  • And most importantly of all, this works!!