3 More Painless Ways To Lose Fat and Be Healthier


3 More Painless Ways To Lose Fat and Be Healthier


I”m in Maccas right now writing this post.  I have about 30 min before school pick up to edit and finish.

So here I am with my black coffee – trying so hard not to order toasted banana bread which is (one of) my downfalls.  I haven’t had it in a long time, so I’m facing the window where I can’t see it

I love a good list, in fact most of my day/week is planned out with lists and tick sheets of some kind.  From my training sessions, to my home life, to my families schedule to what we are eating.  So in honour of that, here’s another short one

3 More Ways To Lose Fat

I’ve kind of labelled this year ‘the year of change for me’.  I”m going back to all the habits I changed in the beginning when I went from an overweight, tired mum of 4 to a fit and energetic mum of 5 in her 50’s

Here are 3 things you can do that will get you better results without too much effort (well some require effort, but not too much).

These are 3 of the things I changed first with my nutrition.


This is a no brainer for me.  And I’ve had many clients make the change and actually enjoying and coming to prefer  black beverages over creamy, sweet ones.

It’s not uncommon for me to see food journals where there are an additional 300-900 calories per day due to creamy or sweetened or flavoured teas and coffees at early consults or when someone is feeling stuck for results.

While having it black is an acquired taste, it will have huge payoffs for you.

If you really think you can’t stand it, here’s the way I generally suggest people ‘cross over’ to the darker side of hot drinks:

  • If you take sugar, get rid of that first.  Give yourself a time limit – like one week and reduce it incrementally daily.  If you have 2 sugars, drop 1/3 of a teaspoon each day for a week.  You can do this – if you can’t it is because your’e addicted, yes addicted and it is an addiction that is costing you your waistline and your health.  Set the time limit and be strict with yourself.  As with all changes, it becomes easier as you progress, so don’t give in and go back – or you’ll be starting again every time.
  • Once you’re off the sugar, it’s time to get rid of any flavours.  So while you may enjoy the creaminess of your hot drinks, get rid of flavours and stick with plain milk (for a start).  Give yourself like 2 days to do this.  Once the plain sugar is gone, the flavoured kind (yes, that’s what it is) needs to go too. If you have any of those flavoured coffee drinks at home including those such as Jarrah or any of the sachet kinds, they have to go. Give them away if you think it’s too much of a waste.
  • Once you’re down to just milk, you can give that the boot too.  Did you know that a latte, cappuccino or flat white is a whole cup full of milk.  Yep, all those extra calories coming to you in a form designed to fatten up a baby cow and grow it to over a tonne as quickly as possible.  Minus the good nutrients which have been processed right out of it before you get to drink it.  I actually enjoy my coffee with just a splash of plain, full-cream milk nowadays (although I’m having black right now) and my tea is always black.  If that’s too big of jump for you, start by asking the waitress to use only half milk and half water.  Yes, they can do that and they will.  Once you’re used to that, the jump to just a splash will be much easier

You may be thinking that this first point won’t make much of a difference – but believe me it will.  Even if you only have a milk laden and/or sweetened cuppa a few times per week, that’s still enough to make a difference.

As well as reducing calories and the nasties in milk, sugar and flavours, you’ll also be breaking your addiction to these sweet concoctions, making breaking other sweet habits easier also.


There used to be so many rules about which herbs and spices went with which foods.  Fish and dill, lamb and rosemary etc.  While these are still great combos, the rules have definitely relaxed and you can pretty much mix any herbs or spices with any dish.  There are few exceptions.

Once you stop eating sauces, dressings and marinades (which by the way are often very high in sugar and chemical additives) you start to develop your taste for natural foods again.  Herbs and spices take on new flavours and you actually start to find your old favs too sweet or too strong and overpowering.

Commercially made sauces, dressings, marinades and other condiments are made with ‘eat more’ in mind.  If they don’t pass the ‘addiction’ test during manufacturing, they are taken back to the drawing board till they do.

Honestly, once you break this addiction, you will enjoy real food a whole lot more. As with your hot drinks, you’ll not only reduce the nasties that are holding you back straight away, but you’ll also be breaking that sugar addiction and the addiction to strong artificial flavours.


They say that variety is the spice of life.  But when your’e trying to eat to lose fat, the fewer choices you have to make, the easier it will be.

I pretty much have the same thing for breakfast every day.  I also mostly have the same snacks each day.  And I absolutely have left overs for lunch most days because its there, I don’t have to make decisions and it is a lot less food preparation.

Find your favourite things and then stick with them.  Perhaps rotating every few days or eating the same things on the same days each week.  For variety, mix up your main evening meal (or lunch if it’s your main meal) and make left overs so it is one less choice tomorrow.

We all have.a limited amount of will power and if you waste yours on making too many decisions about food each day, you’ll have none left to put towards doing your workout or resisting your mum’s best ever slice when she drops around.

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