Why You Need Better Aerobic Fitness and How To Do It

Why You Need Better Aerobic Fitness and How To Do It


Having better aerobic fitness carries over into every part of your fitness and your life; better recovery, less stress, more fat burn, lower risk of heart disease and more.

Your aerobic system provides most of the energy production for any activity lasting longer than about 60 seconds.

This includes your weight training workouts, interval runs, HIIT workouts and races not just the easy stuff like most people think.

For a long time it was thought that putting time into aerobic training would mean less muscle and make you slower.

New research proves this is not the case unless you go totally overboard and neglect your other training at the same time.

Having a strong aerobic system means that oxygen and nutrients can be delivered to your muscles faster and waste products can be cleared more quickly too.

This means more work gets done in ALL of your workouts and you have faster recovery between sets and between workouts.

Research has shown that life expectancy is directly related to aerobic fitness and may help protect against premature death due to cardiovascular disease.

Things that occur in your body when you train aerobically are: increase in functional capacity of your heart, increasing the size and function of your cardiovascular system, increasing the number of mitochondria you have and their function (to process and deliver oxygen to generate more energy)

Training your aerobic system is literally going to extend your life AND the quality of it as well.

I know you’re thinking that you can do all this with weight training and your high intensity interval sessions. But you can’t.

The adaptations are different for different types of training and different intensities. This is why you need to include various types of training every week.

What might an aerobic system training session look like:


    • 10-15 mins cycle followed by

    • 10-15 mins jog or easy run followed by

    • 10-15 mins row or ski erg


    • 10 mins of alternating farmers walks/sled push followed by

    • 10 mins of stationary cycling/rowing

    • repeat 1-2 more times


    • 60 seconds KB swings

    • 60 seconds bodyweight squats – controlled

    • 60 seconds step ups

    • 60 seconds rest

    • Repeat for 4-10 rounds


An easy run, cycle, row etc for 20-60 mins (or more)

For most people 1-3 sessions of 30-40 mins each week is enough. However if your fitness level is lower, start with 20 mins nice and easy and build time and frequency from there slowly,

Remember that this is supposed to be EASY. If you cannot keep talking and carry on a conversation it’s too hard.

You should finish these training sessions feeling pretty fresh and wanting more. If you’re exhausted and need to lay down – too hard. A sweat is fine but no hard breathing or puffing.

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