3 Ways To Make Your Fat Loss Simple and Easy

3 Ways To Make Your Fat Loss Simple and Easy


Most articles about fat loss and fitness tell you that you just need to move more, eat less and be more disciplined.

While these things may be true, the fact of the matter is that it’s just not that easy for most people.

Below I’ve listed 3 ways to make it a lot easier. They’re all to do with what I refer to in my programs as Shaping Your Environment (I got this term from one of my favourite books; Switch – How To Change Things, When Change is Hard)

Shaping your environment is key to helping make every day decisions easier.

The first thing that jumps to my mind (and maybe yours) is to clean out your home and workplace so that food choices that are not helping you to reach your goals is not available.

That’s a simple first step – but let’s be honest. You already knew that tip didn’t you??

Here are 3 other tips to help make it all easier


So many of my clients use services such as Hello Fresh and Every Plate. These services (and others like them) can make meal choices on the run so much easier.

While not every meal is healthy, there are many healthy choices available. The best thing about them (my clients say) is that everything is there and even their kids and partners are joining in with the cooking because it makes it so much easier to do


If you’re local to our area, produce deliveries such as The Little Produce Box make shopping for fresh fruit and vegetables really easy. I have a standard order that gets delivered on the same day each week and I top up from the supermarket in between. So I always have lots of fresh produce in the fridge.

Click and Collect shopping from your supermarket is also a brilliant idea. You can get this delivered right to your door or collect it from the carpark.

One of the things I like best about grocery shopping online is that I am not tempted by displays of specials which are almost always foods that I shouldn’t be buying every week anyway.

I have a basic list that is saved in my account and I use that each week with a few additions as per what I plan to cook or if I’ve run out of pantry staples.

Having a ready to go list is another tip that takes a lot of the decisions out of what to buy each week and makes sure that I have on hand loads of healthy ingredients to cook with or snack on.

If you plan your meals ahead for each week (which you should) you’ll know exactly what you need to buy and can order it ready for pick up on Sunday – my favourite day to do itđŸ˜‰


Having someone make the training decisions for you is key to making sure you get it done. Book your appointment in and make sure you keep it. Just like you do for a dentist or hairdressing appointment.

If you’re relying on just fitting exercise in, you’re unlikely to actually do it. Or at least, keep doing it long enough to see results.

Just like to go to the hairdresser for your hair needs and to the mechanic (or other expert) for your car needs, you should be going to a qualified personal trainer for your training and exercise needs – if you want to actually see results before the next decade rolls around.

A qualified personal trainer does not learn about nutrition, but should be up to date with the latest science on exercise. Find one that does regular training to stay up to date so that you can get the fastest results possible while staying safe.

And if nutrition advice is what you want (hint: it isđŸ˜‰) make sure that your coach of choice is qualified and is also up to date with the science of food, fat loss, muscle gain and/or health improvement depending on your individual goals.

You may need a seperate personal trainer and food coach if they are not qualified to coach both.


At FitterFaster we specialise in helping busy mums and dads get better bodies.

We offer beginner and advanced training and nutrition programs that will help you to get fast and sustainable results while having fun at the same time. 

If you’d like to have a chat about our programs or just get some tips about moving forward on your own, you can book a 20 minute consult on zoom with me now by clicking here

Alternatively, if you’d like some general information about our training programs, you can fill your details in below so I can email them to you


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