4 Signs You Need A Fitness or Nutrition Coach


4 Signs You Need A Fitness or Nutrition Coach


To achieve great health, fitness and a lean, energetic body, you’re going to have to make some changes.
Changes to your routine, changes to your activity and changes to what you’re eating and drinking will be necessary.

So you set about doing just that. Someone tells you about an awesome program or you googled one and get started.

One day it can feel like everything is awesome. The next, not so. You feel crap, you eat crap and nothing seems to go right.

Not to mention the confusing information that is fed to you daily. Eat this, don’t eat this. Do this, stop doing that. How are you supposed to stay on track when it keeps changing.
Below I’ve listed some signs that its time to get some help. This could mean someone to help you with your nutrition, with your fitness or with everything.


This might seem obvious, but I’ve lost count of the number of new clients who tell me they’ve tried ‘everything’.
The problem is often that you don’t give something long enough to work. Or that the program or product is too hard to follow, use or stick with.

A good fitness and/or nutrition coach can guide you and give you what I like to call ‘the minimum effective dose’. This means, change only what you need to change to see results. Then reassess over time and tweak or alter as necessary.

What YOU will need to do first could be different to the next person. Following one online program after another is not working for you – so stop doing it.


I should have put this first. Many of you reading this may know exactly what to do already. But are you doing it? Or at least, are you doing it consistently enough to see results?

Sometimes you need a coach to help you put all that knowledge into action. To help prescribe a set of actions and a step by step approach that you can actually put in place and stick with.


If you’ve been reading my stuff for any time, you’ll know that I don’t believe in waiting for motivation.

I know that you need to take action even when you don’t feel motivated. But on your own, this can be really hard.

You are much more likely to take that action if you’ve enlisted the help of a coach. When you believe in your plan and someone is holding you accountable, it will make all the difference.

Motivation will come as you start to see results. More often than not, this is how it works.


This ties in with the first point – no results. But sometimes it was working, until it wasn’t.

Hitting a plateau is actually very common and can be part of the process.

A coach can help you get past a stall in results and if necessary change what you’re doing.
When you stop getting results on your own, it is easy to blame the program and search around for another. You’ll then swap over to that one until the same thing happens.

This can end up with fluctuating weight loss and fitness results, injury or just plain giving up.


I have 3 solutions that can solve all the problems above;

1/ My 28 day JumpStart To A New You Program. This is an all inclusive fitness program that will jumpstart results no matter what your current fitness level. You can attend any of our fitness sessions (including our 45Live zoom sessions)

Beginners and advanced fitness trainees will see improvements with a better looking AND feeling body. $79 includes everything

Full details can be found by clicking here or by filling out your details below.

2/ The KickStart Program. This is our trial program for our online live-streamed workouts. Yep, we now do coaching from the comfort of your own home. Live sessions, with a coach telling you exactly what to do, making sure you’re technique and form are correct and helping you to make any changes or adjust intensity as needed. The KickStart program is a 3 week unlimited attendance program.

Full details about both of these programs can be found by clicking here or by filling out your details below.


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