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I’m running a month long nutrition clean up program for my clients at FitterFaster and have decided to run an online version alongside it.

The program is based on real whole foods (not magical products) and includes plenty of food so you won’t be hungry. Expect to lose body fat, feel more energetic, reduce or get rid of cravings all together and improve your health drastically.

If you’d like more details, please contact me: but remember that it starts on August 31st so you need to contact me straight away. You’ll get full support over the month program and if you’re a local, an assessment before and after. If you’re not local, you will complete your own assessments using my guidelines.

All current clients are following the program at no cost, but if you’re not a current FitterFaster training client, the cost is $120.

You can pay her via Paypal:

Once you’ve made payment, please contact me asap if you have not already done so or 0429 612975

jo butler