What Can I Snack On?

What Can I Snack On?

jo butler

A common question I’m asked is what to snack on? You’ve cut out cakes, biscuits, chips and pastries. So what’s left?

Here’s a short list of suggestions. Some more portable than others, some requiring some preparation. Others are also suitable as meals including the all important breakfast.

Nuts – try almonds, cashews, brazil nuts, pecans, macadamias or walnuts. Choose portion sizes carefully however.  Also include one of the protein ideas with your nuts to make a complete snack

Hard boiled eggs – how easy is that? Prepare a batch in advance for a quick, easy and oh so healthy protein snack.  Enjoy with a piece of fruit or with a quick salad

Small tins of tuna or salmon-packed in water, not flavoured varieties.  As per eggs.  Try carrot, celery and capsicum sticks to go

Smoked salmon in small portions as per tuna/salmon

Home made jerky– a great protein choice to include in your snacks

Fruit with a protein serve-try fresh, tinned or frozen fruit without additives.  Enjoy with any of the protein options above.


Veggie sticks with cottage cheese.  Try stuffing mini tomatoes or capsicums with cottage cheese and herbs

Cottage cheese with  diced fruit or vegetables.  One of my favourites is strawberries with cottage cheese

Veggie sticks with salsa and some protein

Mini quiches and easy one that’s ready made. Cook up a batch on the weekend for the week ahead.  Simply eggs and lots of veggies.


Fruit salad and greek or natural yoghurt

Greek or Natural yoghurt with diced garlic and cucumber, celery and capsicum

Left over sliced cooked meats, or other left overs. Make up a small plate when dishing up tea the night before.

As you can see, there’s plenty of ways to have healthy snacks with a minimum of preparation. Just think ahead for the next day, or if you haven’t been so organised, always make sure you have fruit (fresh or tinned), tins of fish, cottage cheese, greek yoghurt and eggs in your kitchen and you’ll have plenty to eat without resorting to junk foods.

For a comprehensive chart of healthy foods and ingredients to make up your snacks from, complete your details below and I’ll send it out to you for free

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