Childhood Obesity – You need to know this


Childhood Obesity – You need to know this


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that childhood obesity is on the rise.

You dont even have to read or see the figures somewhere, you can just look around every school yard, playground or sporting ground. Just take a walk down the street!

What you may not know though are the implications of this. We’re all neglecting this issue because it’s become the ‘norm’ and besides, how do you address this without hurting anyones’ feelings?

According to the World Health Organisation,

Childhood obesity is one of the most serious public health challenges of the 21st Century. Globally as of 2016 over 41 million kids under age 5 were overweight or obese. That is expected to climb to over 70 million in 2025.

Why is this happening? Firstly, this is OUR FAULT. Children under age 5 are under our control and we make the rules about activity and what they’re eating. The fact that our kids don’t move enough anymore and that they’re eating SH_T is our fault. We are 100% to blame.

Where kids used to walk to school and to their sporting pursuits (if they had them) we now drive them EVERYWHERE without giving it a thought. Sure, we’re running late sometimes or we live too far away from ‘some’ of the things they need to go to – but not always.

We feed them convenience food. Food that manufacturers literally add sugar and terrible chemicals too that activate our kids’ brain centres and cause them to overeat.

We make excuses like we’re too busy to cook or it’s too expensive to buy real food. But deep down, we know they’re just excuses. Our own convenience wins over when faced with helping with homework, doing household chores, playing taxi driver and getting everyone ready for bed.

The physical health implications are enormous. The mental health issues are just as bad. Think about your own situation and how you feel about your body. Do you want that for your children?

Do you want them googling ‘fast fat loss’ or ‘weight loss shortcuts’ in the future?

Of course you don’t . So it’s time to take control. To stop skirting around the edges of the subject.


Changing your families habits – especially when it comes to food – can be excruciatingly painful. There’ll be disagreements and arguments.

Address this from a health standpoint. Get your entire family on board. Make changes slowly –

  • add a few vegetables to your meals
  • cut take away gradually to once per week
  • start offering only water to drink
  • make bedtime earlier
  • park further away from everything
  • encourage play outside
  • ban electronic devices from weekdays and limit on weekends

These are just. a few ideas – ideas that you can take on board to see better results for yourself, not just your kids

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