Which Diet Will Work For Me?


Which Diet Will Work For Me?

jo butler

There are so many different diet plans and programs around and it’s so confusing. Counting calories, cutting out carbs, counting protein grams or skipping fat. Counting points, fasting, meal replacements??? What’s the deal?

Most programs will work in the short-term (1-2 weeks) simply because they either cut calories (even if you’re not counting them) or they cause you to improve what you’re eating overall (this happens with some programs, but not most).

Most plans, however, are too confusing or don’t allow enough food and you’ll either be starving and won’t be able to continue, or you’ll simply get sick of counting, measuring and calculating.

Even some programs that recommend real food still don’t work because you are ‘allowed’ foods that cause fat storage in quantities that do not work for you.

I’m tipping you’ve experienced both of these scenarios at some time, possibly both at the same time even.

The thing about counting calories, points or macros is that these types of programs, apart from being tedious to calculate, will allow you to eat whatever you want as long as you hit your ‘numbers’ target.

I am absolutely against that idea and know that by changing ‘what’ you eat, you can get much better results, be less confused and be healthier at the same time.  Not only that, but changing ‘what’ you eat will give you results long term.  Not just for a few weeks.

Research (and not just new research, scientists have known this for years and you can find the studies if you know where to look) shows that what you eat affects every functioning part of your body including hormone production and therefore, your fat storage and fat burning potential.

Just cutting down what you eat and exercising, which is a common prescription, sometimes (actually, more often than not) does not result in more than a few kilos fat loss, even if you have upwards of 10 or more kilos to lose.

If you’re eating the wrong types of food, your body might not even be able to tell that it has fat to burn.  So it thinks it is ‘starving’ and causes you to be hungry and want to eat more food.  I bet you know that feeling!

Counting calories, carbs, proteins, points or fat grams may be your cup of tea. I think it is time-consuming, confusing and actually a total waste of time.

If you’re one of the many people who border on being obsessed with foods, dieting and weight loss, they are a disaster waiting to happen.

The way to look at food is:

  • Does it provide nutrients my body needs in amounts it needs them?  You don’t need to be a scientist to figure this out.  I have a simple process that gives you the answers for this
  • Does it satisfy me?  Do you still feel hungry after meals?  If so, the food is not satisfying.  You should not be hungry.
  • Does it contribute to my health, not just my calorie count?  Just thinking about calories alone DOES NOT WORK!  If the food is something that messes with your bodies systems, but has low calories, you still shouldn’t eat it
  • Will it get me closer to my goals?  Some foods will and some won’t.  Of course, you should be able to eat foods that do not contribute occasionally, and if the rest of your diet is right, you definitely can.

Making nutrition programs as simple as possible to follow while still getting your results without hunger and without mind-numbing calculations is my job.

The easier I can make this for my clients, the more likely they are to follow it and see results.

With all my programs, I give easy to follow instructions with the ‘how to’ being simple and straight forward.

For those who want more info, I also provide the ‘why’.  Not everyone wants to know about this side, but it does help you to make choices if you know why you should and shouldn’t eat certain foods.

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