FitBody Online Bootcamp is your Results Guaranteed Workout Program you can follow at home

Workout at home at times that work for you with my guidance.  While this is a group program, I am here to help you individualise it.

You can contact me any time and I'm in the group every day to answer questions.  And you'll get a lot more than just workouts too.  But you'll have to join to see the bonuses I have planned for you

Investment is just $39 every 4 weeks

  • Workout Any Time

    Do your training at times that are convenient to you.

  • Workouts are Quick and Intense

    Most workouts are just 20-30 minutes long. Fit them in any time

  • Private Facebook Group

    I'm in the group every day to answer questions, give you inspiration and help you achieve great results

  • Challenges and Fitness Tests Every Month

    Each 4 week block of training includes a fitness test or challenge to ensure you are making progress . No guessing if this is working or not

  • New Workouts every 4 weeks

    Each block of training includes workouts for all fitness levels. You progress through those levels to guarantee ongoing results

  • Full Instructions for each workout and each exercise

    No guessing how many reps or how much to do. Full instructions are included with every session for each different fitness level

  • Consistency Factor

    Lack of Motivation and Lack of time are the most common reasons people don't stick with workout programs. With the Consistency Factor, you'll be given a 5-10 minute workout to do on all days that you can't or don't want to do your full FitBody Workout. How will this help? Daily workouts will help you to form the habit of training consistently. And consistency is the number one factor for getting results. If you don't have time or don't feel like working up a sweat today, simply do your 5 minutes Consistency Factor workout instead and keep those results coming

Each 4 weeks you will receive your fitness challenge or test and 4-5 workouts for each fitness level.

Full details are included; how many workouts to do, how often and exactly how to do them.

Each 28 days you will be billed just $39 which includes everything.  There are no hidden extras

You can cancel at any time.  There is no minimum stay period.  You just need to give one week's notice and I will cancel your FitBody Online Bootcamp membership with no questions asked

Join Now for just $39