5th June to 30th July


Would you like guaranteed fat loss results in the next 8 weeks?  

Would you love to be fitter and have more energy?

The FitterFaster Transform Together Team Challenge is the totally risk-free way to do just that because if you find the Challenge doesn't work for you, I will fully refund your registration fee and you can continue to train with me for another 8 weeks on the house.

Why Should You Keep Reading?

I know you're busy and that you see offers like this all the time.  Listed further below is everything you'll get to make sure you achieve success with the Transform Together Team Challenge

But just before you read further, I want you to know that this is not another diet.  I will teach you WHAT to eat and drink and HOW to exercise to get the best benefits and to be able to maintain your results for life.

This is NOT ABOUT COUNTING CALORIES or about Energy In = Energy Out.  Your bodies fat/lean balance is so much more complicated than that.

Usually, when overweight people 'diet' their bodies just don't respond beyond the first couple of weeks.   You'll find that you can drop amazing amounts of weight in the first week or two by pretty much, just eating less.  Especially if you have lots of fat to lose.

Once the initial fluid loss happens (and this will happen no matter which program you follow, including mine) the results stop.  This is when cravings and hunger usually kick in.

Even if you do manage to continue the diet despite the intense hunger and cravings you're probably having by that stage, you'll start to feel very tired and very cranky (I bet you've noticed that before)

And pretty much straight after that, you go 'off' the diet and put all your weight (and usually more) straight back on again.  

Have you done this before?

I will teach you why this happens and why 'dieting' will never work especially with a body that is significantly overweight or has been overweight for any length of time. 

I've spent years researching this very topic and just recently have learnt lots more about how different types of food really affect results both short term (while you're trying to lose body fat) and long term (while you're keeping it off)

You will learn all about your metabolism and why it is NOT all about calories in - calories out.   Why does your metabolism compensate and how can you minimise this?   

What you need to do, how you need to train and how often. What to eat and when.  We'll also be including some new 'hacks' to get the absolute best results possible.

In the past, I've had some clients who just couldn't to get past a certain level with their results, but this is changing the game for them.  They are finally able to lose more body fat and improve their health at the same time.  All without starving or exercising excessively (unless they want to, which some do believe it or not)

So if you've been exercising religiously and eating 'right' as well, but still can't lose those extra kilos, this is the program for you too.  Not only will you be able to budge that excess weight at last, but you'll also see massive improvements in your fitness too.  All while having fun!!


Why do you want to lose weight?

There are many, many different answers to this question.  I've listed just a few that clients have told me below;

  • Look better - we all want to look our best.  Losing excess body fat will automatically improve how you look.  Changing your body shape through effective exercise will mean you look AND feel better.  Imagine loving what you see when you look in the mirror.  
  • Sleep better - being overweight affects your ability to get restful sleep
  • More energy - be able to keep up with the kids and your daily life
  • Fewer aches and pains - yep, being overweight ruins your joints and is one of the leading causes of back, knee and hip pain
  • Improve your immunity - losing body fat and changing your diet will give you a stronger immune system meaning; fewer colds, fewer infections and a healthier daily life
  • Drop clothing sizes - stop shopping in the plus size area.  Try clothes on and love them instead of thinking 'that just wouldn't suit me'
  • Enjoy real food again - your taste buds will change.  Enjoy the taste of real, healthy food again.  People who eat more junk actually cannot taste food as well.  Wouldn't it be great to love what you're eating and know its good for you too?
  • Stop depriving yourself - how many times have you 'gone on a diet?'  You try so hard not to eat too much while feeling hungrier and hungrier with cravings getting out of control.  On the FitterFaster Nutrition Plan, you will NOT BE HUNGRY.  You'll probably be eating more food than you are now while losing weight, feeling better and getting more energy
  • You're just sick of being tired and unfit - being overweight definitely makes you feel more tired all the time.  It's partly because your body is working overtime all of the time and you're probably not sleeping as well as you could, even if you think your sleep okay.  Improving what you eat and your fitness will improve your energy levels far beyond what you can imagine.  

What's your reason?




What Do I Get With The Transform Together Team Challenge?

  • The Transform Together Manual

    Includes details of the 8 week nutrition plan including how to construct meals and snacks for fantastic results. The Manual also shows you what to focus on first, how to set yourself up for success, the menu and explains how everything works and why. This is where you start to learn what foods you shouldn't eat and what foods you should replace them with to lose weight and stop it from coming back.

  • Transform Together Recipe Book

    All the recipes in the plan are included in the recipe book. All recipes are super easy to prepare, use easy to get ingredients and your whole family will love them

  • 8 weeks of unlimited FitForce and Box Out training at FitterFaster

    Training at FitterFaster is focused on improving fat loss results and reshaping your body while giving you maximum fitness improvements. Train as many times as you want for 8 weeks. Learn proper technique and the best way to exercise for massive results. You'll start training at your current fitness level, no matter what that is, and build up to super fit. Whether you are totally new to exercising, or whether you are already fit, you WILL IMPROVE YOUR FITNESS and change your body with the FitterFaster training systems.

  • Bonus workouts for at home

    You will also receive Home Workouts that you can do anywhere. No equipment or gym required. These are vital if for any reason you cannot make it to training at any time or if you want to boost your results by adding extra sessions once your fitness level improves. You'll also receive some challenge workouts to complete with your team and other participants which will test and boost your fitness while earning you points towards great prizes during the 8 week challenge.

  • Private Facebook Group for support and Accountability

    You and your team will be part of a private group where you can ask questions, find motivation and be inspired. You'll also find all the manuals, recipes, challenges and details in this group. Having a private place to share ideas, recipes, tips and strategies has been invaluable with my programs in the past.

  • Educational and Motivational Emails

    Every week you'll start new habits and I will give you tips and all the support you need to keep you on track. I'll also teach you why you haven't been able to lose weight in the past, why you couldn't maintain the loss if you did lose some and why you keep gaining weight each year. And most importantly, how to stop it! from coming back next time! I won't just tell you what to do, but I will show you how you can actually do it.

  • Work in a team

    Working in teams of 3 you'll motivated each other to stay on track and win prizes as well as lose body fat and get fitter. Each team will have the opportunity to win vouchers and other prizes throughout the program simply by following the challenge instructions and taking part in extra challenges and activities. Working with your team will be highly motivating as you keep each other on track

  • Ongoing challenges and Assessments

    Keep track of your results and earn bonus points with your partner to win prizes as mentioned above. Every new habit counts towards earning bonus points and not just giving you the chance to win prizes, but will improve your results.

  • Unlimited Contact and support from me

    You can contact me any time via text or email or talk to me at training sessions. I'm also available for appointments any time. If something doesn't make sense to you or you're not sure how to implement it into your situation, you can contact me any time so I can explain or help you work through it. And remember that everything I will ask you to do, I will show you how to do it. Your success is my success!

  • Complete Body Composition Assessments

    We'll find out exactly where you're starting from with body weight, girth measurements and body composition assessments. Find out your body fat percentage, how hydrated you are and your relative risk of common lifestyle diseases such as heart disease, stroke and diabetes. Approximately halfway through we will do another mini assessment. Then at the end of the Transform Together Challenge we'll do another full assessment and measure how far you've come and what you've achieved.

  • Chance To Win Individual and Team Prizes

    Both individual and team prizes are up for grabs at the end of the challenge. Prizes will be given for the biggest body fat percentage loss (6 month complete training package) and the team that earns the most points by training, following the lifestyle change habits and taking part in challenges and quizzes to test your new health and fitness knowledge. There will also be a prize for the best before and after photos ($200 FitterFaster Package).

Registration for the FitterFaster Transform Together Program

closes on 26th May.

Sign Up Today for just $399 Remember, results are guaranteed
  • Thanks Jo!! A fabulous program that was easy to follow and workouts that really got the heart pumping!! Loved every part of it and will be highly recommending. Thanks again for your wonderful support. I've learnt so much from this. Cheers Cass
  • This program is different to other things I’ve tried because of the constant support and advice, and the interaction in the group, where I can get other ideas for food etc.  The constant communication from Jo is great, we always know what’s going on, and she is always there to help us. The best change I’ve noticed is that I’m starting to feel much more confident in myself again, and my cardio fitness and agility has improved heaps!
  • I feel really good and am highly motivated thanks to Jo at all times.  It’s been hard making regular time slots in everyday life around kids, school and work commitments, but surprisingly easy going ‘cold turkey’ on the nutrition plan and not wavering at all-I’m really enjoying it.  My general fitness and energy have improved and I feel healthier.  I have more energy to utilise throughout the day and am much happier.  I enjoy walking out the gate after a completed session and feeling stuffed but in a really good way
  • I tried Fitterfaster because I had come to the conclusion that rather than training by myself I needed someone to help me make progress with my fitness and weight loss. When I started I was concerned that I would feel like the odd one out in a class full of very fit people but this has never happened, new clients are always made welcome and encouraged and never made to feel silly. Since I started I have lost 20kgs and I am fitter than I have been in years.
  • I actually thought I may have made a blew with my initial measuring, but when I compared the photos I realised that my body has changed already, hence the reduction in weight.   As you know, it is amazing what happens when you dedicate a little more to yourself!!! 
  • I just knew that I was neglecting me!  I needed to find my way out of a rut and bad habits that I had formed over the last two years.  We purchased a business that is quite time and physically demanding and I had not given myself much attention.  I had stopped going to the gym and for walks But I also found myself not eating very much at all!! Skipping breakfast, late lunches and snacking! So I needed motivation, accountability and help!! Since joining I have absolutely, positively achieved this.  Energy better (except for this blasted cold the kids shared with me) I have had a spring in my step again!  Never feel bloated and my skin is radiant People have even commented on how good my skin is looking!!  Jo you have given me a new outlook on my diet and my families diet.  We still have some work to do but to actually get back to basics and cook everything from fresh is refreshing!!    I was so surprised!   I knew that I had lost a bit but the results were super!! Thank you!!!!
  • Everyone involved in the program was so supportive. Jo was always prepared to answer any queries and armed us with all the information we required beforehand and as each phase was introduced. I met new people and reconnected with people I hadn’t seen in a long time and received encouragement from a lot of Jo’s clients, some who I didn’t even know. The trainers, Leigh, Caitlin, Greg, Trish and Jo, were very encouraging which was helpful in getting through the tough moments. To anyone who has weight to lose, wants to improve their fitness and get off the merry-go-round of ‘dieting’ and bad eating habits, all with down to earth, honest, yet professional support and advice, I would say give FitterFaster and this program a go. I can't thank you enough.
  • just a quick note to say thankyou for your program and support throughout it. I decided to do the program to keep me on track throughout winter and to learn new things. I didn't really know about food combinations so that was a first for me. Although there were some new concepts I found it was very simplistic and easy to follow. I liked that you were flexible about using leftovers and were always available for advice when required. I am jealous of your knowledge of nutrition and loved the emails you sent along the way. Your recipes were very quick, easy to follow and tasty. I like that you also don't just use chicken breast, mixing it up with mince and marylands makes it affordable.  I forgot to say that earlier this year I'd attempted the 10 week Pete Evans paleo way program. Although there were some great recipes and info in there I felt like I needed 10 weeks off to keep up and I some how got lost along the way. Your program was heaps easier to follow with basic ingredients most people can easily find also great info but not as overwhelming.

The Transform Together Team Challenge is an 8-week weight loss challenge where participants will work in teams of three (or maybe four)

If you have a friend or friends that would like to team up with you, that's great. If not, I can team you up with other participants before the project starts.

There will be prizes for the biggest body fat percentage loss and the biggest waist cm loss. 

Prizes will also be awarded to teams along the way as we complete small challenges, earn points for participation, training and for completing other daily habits that will lead to overall fat loss success.

Working with others that have similar goals is highly motivating.  I've run challenges like this before with motivation and the 'fun factor' remaining high.

Each week you'll be given new habits to work on.  Sticking with the habits will ensure fat loss and fitness success while earning your team points towards great prizes.  These are the things you need to long term to avoid slowing your metabolism more than it needs to and avoiding the dreaded rebound weight gain that you've had before.

There'll also be team challenges too.  Some will be related to your improving fitness, while others will test your health and fitness knowledge and how well you've been taking in what I'll teach you about permanent fat loss and ongoing health improvement.

Every single day throughout the challenge I will be either emailing or posting in the FB group with tips, strategies and hacks to get you the best results and motivate you to stick with the challenge till the end.   This is a completely new challenge that includes stuff I haven't included before in my other programs.

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What are you waiting for? Sign up today. Registration closes 26th May

The Challenge will run from 5th June through till 30th July

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