Get A New Identity


Get A New Identity


The first part of this article stressed the need to do 3 things to change habits and therefore reach your goals.:

  1. When you have your goal, determine what habits will be required to achieve that goal.
  2. Pick 1 (or at most, 2 habits you’ll work on first)
  3. Once you have that first habit in place – you do it regularly and consistently, add another.  Create a habit loop.

You can find that article here

Working on habit changing and goal achieving in the above way works for most.  But does it work for YOU?

If not, it may be because you need to assume a new identity.  This is your 4th step in the process.

Yes, you need to BECOME THE PERSON WHO …… (insert your goal here)……

As an example, I am a person who makes sure I exercise regularly.  It’s just who I am, I don’t have to think about it a lot.

That’s not to say that I don’t skip workouts or miss training sessions.  I do – lots.   But what it means is that I just stay fit because it is who I am.  I make sure that I do enough training to stay fit because its just who Jo Butler is.

I wasn’t always a fit person however.  And this proves that you can change.  IF someone (me in this case) can do it, that proves that it can be done.

If becoming fit was one of you goals.  You need to identify with being someone who keeps fit.

Your goal may be to be lean, stop eating junk, improve your health in certain ways.   Whatever it is, think of someone you know that is doing it.

It’s best if it is someone you actually know.  Not a celebrity or someone you just follow on Instagram.

Actually knowing the person makes it real.  When its someone you only see on social media, it becomes ‘unreal’ and so much harder to identify with.  You’ll find yourself subconsciously thinking they’re not real and that will never do for our purposes.

Once you’ve identified the person who is doing or achieving what you wish to achieve, look at what they do to achieve it.

What habits and actions are they taking?  Ask them!

Most successful people are really happy to help others achieve – whether its something they do for sport, work or for their health and fitness.

Then using the 3 step formula above, record those habits, pick 1 or 2 and get started.

And then there’s a 5th step.

Get support or accountability to reinforce the good you’re doing.   Acknowledging your progress for yourself is awesome, but having someone giving you feedback is even better.

Studies show that people who get ongoing reinforcement about their achievements will continue to achieve more.

Then you’re right back to that habit loop again and can Habit Stack more great things on top.

At FitterFaster there are such a range of different clients that have many different health and fitness goals.  Almost anyone could find at least one person to identify with as someone who is achieving what they want to achieve too.

That’s one of the things I love about it.  The camaraderie, the mateship and the working together towards similar, but sometimes different goals.

To find out more about my training programs, pop your details in below and I’ll simply email you some information.  We ahve both online and offline training now – or a combo.  Your choice and what works best for you, all integrated with our lifestyle and nutrition coaching

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