Get Back On Track in 4 Easy Steps


Get Back On Track in 4 Easy Steps


The difference between successful people and unsuccessful ones isn’t that some get off track and others don’t. It is simply the fact that successful people get back on track and they do it more quickly than those not making gains.

Here are 4 steps to get you back on track with your fitness (and help you lose some excess body fat along the way)

Take Responsibility

Your first reaction when you find yourself off track is quite possibly to lay blame elsewhere: your long work hours, your finances, your family or something else.

If you continue to blame other circumstances, you basically give yourself permission to be helpless while you wait for things to change. And mostly, you’ll be waiting a long time.

Instead, accept that YOU are to blame because YOU have the power to either change or work around your circumstances – what other choice do you have? I mean, you could stay right where/how you are – oh hang on, you’re already doing that.

Accept that YOU and only YOU can make the changes necessary to either change your circumstances OR work out how you can work around those circumstances.

Refocus and Set Goals

The idea of goals is simple; work out what you want to achieve and why and off you go.

In reality however, it is so easy to forget your big goals and get sidetracked along the way. Then you’re back to square one, laying blame on outside influences and circumstances.

While having big goals can be useful, you need to have smaller, process goals in order to achieve those goals.

Process goals are small action steps that you can take TODAY to lead you to your ultimate big goal.

Because of the way our brains work, setting smaller goals that you know you can achieve is vital. You need to be able to ‘tick off’ small achievements along the way to stay focused. Just like a video game has levels and targets, or things to collect that keep you addicted and wanting to keep playing, you can trick your brain into keeping on going, by ‘winning’ regularly.

So start with easy, really doable things such as:

  • Get up and do 10-15 minutes of exercise every morning. A walk or a mini-circuit, doesn’t matter. If you do it each day, that’s almost 1-2 hours of activity each week that you weren’t doing before.
  • Get breakfast organised at night so that you start the day with a healthy meal. Egg and veggie quiches, chia and fruit combos, greek yoghurt and fruit mixes, etc can all be made ahead so you just grab and go in the morning
  • Drinking more water. Fill your 2 x 1 litre bottles at night before bed. Start drinking them as soon as you wake up. While 2 litres every day may take a while to get through, every bit more than you’re having now is a win

Take Action

You may feel like you don’t know what to do first. What is the most important thing I need to do to get results.

The most important thing for you to do right now, is the thing you’re going to do. Eating more veggies, cutting down on junk food, moving more, sleeping more, drinking more water. It doesn’t matter.

Simply TAKE ACTION and start doing something. It’s so easy to think it isn’t enough. That these small things won’t get you anywhere. But I know from years of doing this, that they do. Once you get going, once you get those wins happening, you will gain momentum.

It is so much easier to turn a moving wheel faster than to get it going from a dead stop. And this works exactly the same way. It’s how game makers keep us going. Level one is almost always super easy to go. We feel achievement we enter level 2 and so on. Collect the coins, reach the targets, get the easy kills. Then keep going.

And you know what. You muck up and you start again. No one reached level 10 the first time.

Make A Plan And Schedule It

Almost all successful people have something else in common. They have plans. Not wishes or dreams.

They find it easier to take action because they have those actions planned out and they know exactly what they’re going to do next.

I use a diary. In fact I have 2 diaries this year. One for appointments and things outside of my own individual goals and then another where I plan out my day what I’m doing to achieve my goals.

My goals diary includes everything FitterFaster and my own personal health and fitness action steps.

What I’ll be writing about, what programs I’m running and when, who I’m contacting and everything about running FitterFaster down to what social media posts I’m going to do that week are in my Goals Diary.

What workouts I’m doing that week, how far I’ll be walking/running and what days I’m doing it all on are planned out in that diary every weekend for the coming week. I’ve even started putting my evening meal plan in so that I have healthy meals for my family every night of the week.

You may prefer a digital schedule or reminders or to record it all on a wall calendar. Use whatever method works for you, but make sure you plan AND SCHEDULE what you want to achieve.

Bonus Tip: Keep Getting Back On Track

It can take many wrong turns before you get this down pat. But if there’s one thing to take from this whole article, I said it in the first 2 sentences.

Habits are the magic you’re looking for. I know it’s not sexy to say ‘change your habits to change your life’.

But you are already using habits every day. The time you get up, what you grab to snack on or have for tea on the way home, the TV or YouTube you watch, the time you go to bed. They’re all habits but some of them aren’t serving you.

In order to form new and better habits, you need to keep doing the THING till you just do it without thinking. Like putting on the blinker when you want to turn or putting your seatbelt on before putting the car in drive. You do these things without even thinking about it because you’ve repeated them over and over.

One of Greg’s cars and the truck have their blinker control on the other side of the steering wheel, so he often puts the windscreen wipers on when going to turn in my car. This is a perfect example of how a habit won’t form properly if you don’t keep repeating it in the same way over and over.

If you keep changing it or skipping it for a few days, the Habit Loop won’t form. So while initially you may have days where discipline is the only thing getting you through, if you keep doing ‘the thing’ consistently even when you don’t feel like it, you will eventually just do it automatically without barely giving it a thought.


  • Stop blaming everything or everyone else. Take responsibility and realise that YOU are going to have to make the changes
  • Set some goals. What do you want to achieve and what are the individual steps you’ll need to take to reach them? Tackle these steps a few at a time
  • Take Action. When you’ve decided which of these smaller steps to do first (remember it doesn’t really matter which) start doing them.
  • Make a plan and schedule it in – include alerts and reminders if you need to. My phone goes off regularly with small reminders all day.
  • Keep getting back on track till that is YOUR track and you can follow it without a map. Consistently doing your new habits is what will make them habits – not stopping and starting and changing to new ones all the time

Other articles I’ve written that can help you to work out which habits and actions steps to take are:



To find out how we can help you form new habits by becoming a member at FitterFaster, fill out your details below and I will email you information about how to get started. Don’t worry, I won’t hassle you. Just a few emails and lots of info – no pressure.

Beginning training is a brilliant first action step which leads to better consistency with all the other new habits you’ll eventually form.

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