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What if you were guaranteed to get results with your health and fitness program?

What if it was fun?

What if you really loved how you look and feel?

This is possible.

You can be as fit as you want to be.

You can be as lean as you want to be.

You can have energy, you can have better health and much more…….

But what if you’re scared?

What if you think you’re too unfit?

What if you have no experience?What if you have an injury or condition that you think will affect your ability to train?

What if you don’t know anyone?

What if you live too far away?

What can you expect?

What if you prefer to train at home?

I know these are some of the things you may be thinking already.

And that’s why we have 2 ways for you to get started : The  JumpStart To A New You Program or the KickStart program

I like all potential clients to be able to experience everything we have to offer, get to know the coaches and other clients and be able to make an informed decision about joining us without having to commit to a long-term program.

I believe you should be able to try everything out and see if you enjoy it before you make a decision about staying long term or investing too much up front.

For this reason, we have:

The ’28 day Jumpstart To A New You Program’ with an investment of  just $99 for those that want to train in person at FitterFaster


The Online 28 Day KickStart Program for those that wish to train at home with a live coach is also priced at $99

Both of these programs include GUARANTEED RESULTS – yes, I guarantee that you’ll lose body fat, cm’s and be noticeably fitter at the end of the program if you attend regularly.

ASSESSMENTS – so that you can see the results in numbers, we complete a full body composition assessment at the start and another at end of the Jumpstart program.  With the Kickstart, you’ll complete your own assessment at home using the forms I provided

You can see exactly how much you’ve changed by following our program in just 21-28 days.


JUMPSTART TO A NEW YOU – 4 weeks $99

  • UNLIMITED attendance at FITFORCE
  • UNLIMITED attendance at 45Live classes held in your home on zoom
  • Two PeakFit Personal Trainings 
  • Two Box Out sessions are also included
  • 2 full assessments – one before and one after
  • A lifestyle/nutrition strategy to help you make changes to everything else while you get into the habit of training regularly


With the KickStart you get unlimited attendance at our 45Live sessions and 4 FitForce classes (1 per week) here at FitterFaster base (if local)

45Lives currently run 5 mornings per week. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and
Saturday mornings

45Lives are NOT prerecorded – they are live coached in person.

You will train at home with a live coach explaining, instructing and watching you to make sure you get the most out of the session.  These are group sessions, but you are coached personally in every session.  You can ask questions and will be instructed on how to modify for injuries and scale for your level of fitness.


Box Out is a fantastic cardio hit out based on boxing for fitness and is one of our most popular classes. 60 mins

PeakFit are our semi-private PT sessions held in the FitterFaster gym.   With up to 6 clients at a time maximum, you’ll receive an even higher level of personal attention to  your own needs focusing on your own goals.  These focus more on strength and resistance training, so if your goals are fatloss, toning, strengthening or muscle gain, these are perfect for you. 60 mins

45Lives  These are workouts streamed live to your home via zoom.  You’ll be coached individually in real time. These are NOT prerecorded. 45mins

FitForce are our group personal training sessions.  While these have the biggest number of participants of all our classes, we do not let numbers get too big so that we can give individual coaching and attention to everyone.  We pride ourselves on making sure every single person is using correct technique and getting the most out of every training session. Class size for FitForce varies from 4-20. 60 mins

We also have an extensive Rookie program that allows beginners to build up their fitness in a controlled way.

NUTRITION AND LIFESTYLE GUIDES – because training alone isn’t enough to change your body or improve health over the long term, I will teach you how to improve what you’re eating and how that is going to change your life.

Not only that, but I’ll teach you which lifestyle changes are the most important to make first and also give you loads of recipes to improve your diet and that of your family as well.

This is part of both the JumpStar and the KickStart programs.

If you decide to continue after these programs, you then become a full client.

Everything is included in training package costs including my complete recipe book (over 400 recipes), ongoing assessments, massive discounts on challenges and specialty programs and supplements at wholesale prices.

From time to time when I run online nutrition or challenge programs, as a training client at FitterFaster, you’ll be invited to join these for an absolute minimum cost.  Doing group challenges is a great way to boost results even further.

To find out more or to start your Jumpstart To A New You or KickStart Program, complete your details below.

I’ll then send you more details about how to get started.  There’s no obligation.  If you receive my email and change your mind, that’s fine.  I’ll simply pop you on my newsletter list (unless you ask me not to) and I’ll keep you up to date about everything happening at FitterFaster.

RESULTS ARE GUARANTEED and I will totally refund you’re money if you’re not happy with them