How I Help You Achieve Your Goals


How I Help You Achieve Your Goals

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  • It doesn’t matter what shape you’re in. Whether you’re totally new to fitness, overweight, a smoker or even have an injury or condition that has stopped you from exercising in the past, you can most likely still join the trainings sessions at FitterFaster. If you’re already fit and participate in some type of training, lift weights, run, do triathlons, play other sport, etc, you will definitely improve your performance by taking part in FitterFaster’s training sessions – guaranteed. I guarantee to improve your strength, fitness, endurance, speed, core strength, your game, your chronic pain, your body fat levels, your energy and numerous health markers (such as cholesterol, blood pressure etc)


  • You wont be alone with your goals. Join in any FitterFaster training session and you’ll become part of a group of people that are all working hard towards improving their health and fitness. From losing body fat, to being more athletic, fitter, improving movement and quality of every-day life or improving sports performance. The group you’ll train with will motivate you to reach high AND achieve YOUR goals. There’s nothing like being surrounded by motivated people who are taking ACTION every day.


  • Training is personalised. I absolutely pride myself on providing individual, personalised training despite being in the group session. Without trying to sound like I’m blowing my own trumpet, I know the ins and outs of the human body and how it functions very well. I know how exercise effects it, which drills to choose, how to correct movement issues, what’s going wrong if a drill hurts or you just can’t do it properly and what to look for to make sure you’re being as safe as possible while getting the best training effect. You can get personal training at a much more cost effective price point at FitterFaster.  This is Personal Training but with friends.


  • Unlimited variety. Every time to join a training session at FitterFaster, you’ll be doing something different than the day or week before. While we use a lot of the same drills and movements, we combine them in interesting and ‘fun’ ways to give you variety while still improving the main markers of good movement and fitness. You won’t get bored with doing the same routine over and over, so you’ll be more likely to stick with your training program.  Not knowing exactly what you’re going to be doing each day adds to the enjoyment means you’ll be improving your fitness each day.


  • You’ll combine state of the art training methods using both resistance and interval training. This may not mean much to you if you’re new to training. But there’s new research every day about what works best and what perhaps isn’t quite as effective. I am constantly studying and researching to bring the best to my sessions. I know what works and what doesn’t both overall in a group and for individuals. We use a mix of resistance training and cardio intervals to improve your fitness in every measurable way.  This means better results for you all the time.


  • FitterFaster training sessions are like a sport. While each session caters for an individuals’ own fitness level, there’s also plenty of opportunity to be competitive against yourself or against others IF YOU CHOOSE. Adding a competitive component will increase motivation and adherence as well as make the workouts more FUN. You’ll also push yourself to new levels and increase fitness to levels you never thought possible. But don’t feel like you’re being compared to anyone else.  You’ll always be working at YOUR level and at YOUR capability.


  • We cater for ALL health and fitness goals. So you want to lose weight, ‘tone up’, get faster, get stronger, improve your 21km time, ride faster, reduce injury risk for your sport, improve your ongoing back problems, post a faster triathlon time, be able to run a certain distance without stopping, drop dress sizes, reduce risk of heart disease, diabetes, stroke or cancer, you can do it by partaking in FitterFaster’s Training and Nutrition Programs.  I also can give you individual training sessions to complete at home if you have a specific goals (such as a FunRun or Triathlon) and need a targeted plan to combine with your FitterFaster sessions. There is no extra cost for this.  All Nutrition and Home Training Plans are included in your training program package.


What this means is that you can improve your life by becoming a FitterFaster client. You’ll be part of something that will encourage you to keep going no matter what ‘excuses’ you’ve had in the past.

Find out today what you’ve been missing out on. $21 will give you unlimited access to FitForce training, a PeakFit personal training or Box Out session, assessments and motivation to help you get started for 21 days.

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