The Best Way To Eat For Fast and Visible Results

The Best Way To Eat For Fast and Visible Results


What is the best way to eat? How should you eat so you can look and feel better now and into the future?

We all know (don’t we?) that calories are king. You need to eat less energy than you use to lose body fat. And likewise, if you consume more energy than your body uses, you’ll gain weight, or each the same and you’ll maintain.

The other thing that seems to be forgotten in the latest trend of macros and calorie counting is the nutrient content of food.

Food is NOT just energy. In fact, if it was, it would be a whole lot easier to find a diet that would work long term.

The problem with focusing on calories (or energy) alone is that your body can literally end up starving if the quality of what you’re eating is not there.

Most diets these days involve counting calories or macros (or both) . While this can work well in the short term, there are literally 1000’s of people falling off the wagon every day and going back to the bad habits that caused them to be unhappy with how they looked and felt before trying to do something about it.

It doesn’t matter if you’re going keto, paleo, IIFYM or using supplements to replace food. If you’re not fuelling your body with enough nutrients, you can say goodbye to long term success.

Your body needs lots of different nutrients to function correctly. Lack of enough nutrients can (and will) least to more cravings, more bingeing, being hungry despite how many calories you’re consuming and a lack of energy. Not to mention faster ageing skin, slow hair growth and an increased risk of many conditions too numerous to mention here. (just google vitamin and mineral deficiencies to see them)

I like my clients to focus on the quality of the food they’re eating first – before they get concerned with calories, protein and fat/carbohydrate grams.

Beginning by focusing on WHAT you’re eating when coming from a poor diet back ground – which most overweight people are, despite how they kid themselves they ‘eat pretty well’ (quote) – will give you instant results.

I’ve seen hundreds of people lose weight, have massive increases in energy, get rid of ongoing headaches and digestive issues and have improved skin quality without even giving a thought to how many calories they’re eating or being hungry.

So instead of downloading the latest app and inputting all your food in a time consuming and tedious ritual, just focus on eating real foods every day with a some small treats here and there (read: NOT daily) and I promise you’ll see results quickly.

You can read more about what real food is as well as approx quantities and how to put it all together here: WHAT TO EAT

If you’d like to talk about your nutrition with me personally, yep live in person, you can book here to do so at no cost. CLICK HERE and choose the purple option ‘training / nutrition review’

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