How To Get Back Into It and Stick With It This Time

How To Get Back Into It and Stick With It This Time


I’m all for making smaller changes to your daily routine to overhaul your lifestyle long term.

However, you may find that making small changes doesn’t stick for you.  After all, there’s nothing as motivating as seeing great results – and when you see/feel them quickly, it helps you to stick with it.

Fast results have gotten a bad rap in recent times, but there is absolutely no evidence at all that suggests that fast results will be reversed any faster than slower results.

So you have the all clear to achieve quickly – the only thing to consider is WHAT you’re doing to see those results.

If you’re doing something you cannot maintain long term, you’ll slip ever too easily back into your old habits.  And you know exactly where those habits lead.  Right back to where you started.

Advice such as:

  • take the stairs
  • go to bed an hour earlier
  • park further away

are great tips.  But simply walking an extra block or 2 each day isn’t going to result in changes that you can see very quickly. So while you will feel like you’r making changes, you may feel like they’re not helping you at all.

However, there are some changes that will result in faster results.  Here are some to try instead:

Cut out an drinks that contain calories

And replace them with water.  In fact, drink 2 litres of plain water per day.  This change WILL results in changes you can see AND feel – unless you’re already doing it

Add proper (and enough) exercise to your routine

If you spend 15-20 per day, 5-7 times per week getting a puff up and doing some resistance exercise, you WILL see and feel results quickly.

Alternatively, add a 50-60 minute session 3-4 days per week instead.

The second option will work better for those choosing an organised or paid fitness option as mostly, sessions at fitness centres (like FitterFaster) run for 45-60 mins.

For working out at home, you can find free short workouts in my Get Fit Maryborough group that you can do at home without equipment.

Suck It Up and Do Some Food Prep

You can break this down to a few steps:

+ Prepare healthy food for a few days at a time – particularly lunches

+ Take a healthy packed lunch to work or school every day

+ Get rid of crap from your house and workplace.  If it’s not there, you’re much less likely to eat it.  Keep it around, and eventually you will.

+ Do a main shop once per week and top up your fresh salad, veggies and fruit a couple of times per week.  And while you’re at it, don’t shop while hungry – old advice that really works.  Click and Collect or online grocery shopping can really help curb impulse buys too

Make Your Bed

How you do one thing in your life is most likely how you do most things.  The discipline of getting up and tidying your bedroom leads to discipline in other areas of your life.

Put things away when you’ve finished with them, don’t hit snooze, hang your clothes up and make your bed are all things you may not associate with a better body.  But if you are organised, aren’t always running late  and are generally self disciplined, you’ll have a much higher chance of having the discipline needed to achieve and maintain a lean, healthy and fit body long term.

Schedule, Schedule, Schedule

I can’t stress enough that having a schedule with food prep, workouts and other healthy habits that you’re trying to change booked in will make the difference between pass or fail.

Book in your workouts even if you’re doing them at home on your own.  Write them on your calendar or in your diary and tick them off when you’re done

Book in the time you’re going to do your shopping and your food preparation.

Look at your schedule – late night meetings?  When will you prepare your food for those nights?

Out all day? Make sure you lock in time to prep food to take with you

Stop making excuses and get your act together.

No one is coming to save you – this is YOUR life and YOU need to do something about it if you’re not happy where you are right now.

Lock in some bigger changes along with those tiny ones and see how the results you achieve motivate you to keep going.

How Can I Help You?

For at free home workouts, join Get Fit Maryborough

For in person personal training via a 4 week ‘experience everything’ program where result are guaranteed for just $79 check out JumpStart To A New You 

If you have questions about your health, fitness or fat loss or about any of the above programs, please email me any time jo@fitterfaster.net.au   I personally answer all emails within 24 hours.  It’s just me, no robots or staff to reply for me.

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