Intuitive Eating Can Work Well

Intuitive Eating Can Work Well


Many people who may have dieted for years, counting calories or macros, become reformed eaters recommending intuitive eating to anyone who’ll listen.

Nothing is off limits, just listen to your body.
​It will guide your choices when you’re in tune with it.  

​​These people have often achieved good results and most often are able to maintain them – or at least mostly.

The problem is, that these people forget that just because it works for them, that doesn’t mean it’s a proven strategy – however, I believe intuitive eating can be.  
In fact, it’s probably the only way if you want long term results – like if you actually want to achieve and maintain a healthy weight forever.

There’s one big but though.  

​​And that ‘but’ is that EATING INTUITIVELY IS A SKILL you need to learn.

The people that are good at it have usually spent a long, long time dieting (measuring, weighing and counting) and this is the fundamental difference between them and people (maybe like you) that aren’t very good at it.

When you spend years weighing and measuring food, obsessively tracking macros, you get really, really good at it.

So good, in fact, you develop the ability to estimate—within a reasonable margin of error—the caloric and macronutrient content of foods you regularly consume.

Your ability to eat “intuitively” is shaped almost entirely by having spent years training your brain and your eyes to do exactly that.

And that, is why I do believe in meal plans and structure when helping clients to lose body fat, improve their health, fuel better for sport or performance or any other goal that involves nutrition.

You can shorten the length of time it takes to learn the skill of eating intuitively if you follow a good plan that is based on real food that you can access easily forever – like get it from the supermarket and you follow it pretty consistently.

If you are continuously jumping from one method to another, perhaps trying shakes, meal replacement bars, pills and other supplements and never really learning HOW TO EAT, you’ll never become one of those successful intuitive eaters.
I eat intuitively.  

I can eyeball good serving sizes, know how much I should eat daily and can allow for treats and foods I love that aren’t ideal without actually measuring anything.

Most clients and potential clients however, cannot.

They haven’t developed their “intuition” (yet)

People just starting to build good dietary habits are being told that they can be as successful eating by instinct (ie making rough guesses) as they would if they measured food in correct portions by many proponents of the intuitive eating method.

For most, this just isn’t true.  You can’t just start eating ‘how you feel’ and start getting results.  
In fact, eating whatever you want is how you got to where you are right now.  And why you may be thinking about (or already) following some kind of diet plan right now.
I can teach you how to be an intuitive eater.  

I can help you to be consistent enough to learn the new habits you’ll need for long term.That’s the best thing about my plans – it’s all about the long term and about getting AND KEEPING your results.  

In fact my entire goal is to teach you how to eat and exercise long term and not need someone like me eventually😩

But you’ll have to trust me and get rid of the idea that you need something magic, something new, something with an awesome sounding name.  

My plan is called the FitterFaster Precision Nutrition Program – it’s not sexy and it’s not fancy.

BUT IT WORKS.  The reason it works is because you can do it forever.  

By following it and learning what and how much to eat and practicing it, over time you can learn to eat ‘by feel’ without going backwards.


I do like to start most people off with a menu to follow (with minor changes and substitutions).  This can be during a program such as a challenge type program or an individual one.

​​Then we can move to ‘loosely following’ a menu and using something like My Fitness Pal to track calories and macros – if the client needs this.  

​​Some people even like to start with the tracking on an app up front.  And this can work too if your diet is already okay. 

​​If you regularly eat junk food or don’t eat very much fresh, real food, I believe following a menu at least for a few weeks can be a better way of adjusting ‘WHAT’ you eat without having to think about it too much or have too many choices.

Eventually, you transition to Intuitive Eating.  This can take months or, more likely, years to get to the stage where you truly eat intuitively.    And even then, like I do, you’ll need to go back to tracking, measuring etc from time to time.  Even those good at it can let portions sneak up over time.

So something to think about there. 

​Are you at the intuitive eating stage? 

​Do you need more practice first?​

You can message me on jo@fitterfaster.net.au to find out about my nutrition plans or if you’re interested in training AND nutrition, pop your details in below and I’ll email you some information

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