Why Isn’t It Working? I’m still fat!

Why Isn’t It Working? I’m still fat!

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I recently shared an article on Facebook that was shared with me by the AFL Community.  You can read the article here for more info   The article got lots of likes and comments so really hit a nerve, particularly with coaches and teachers I noticed.

The article specifically talks about having a Fixed Or Growth Mindset in children playing sport, but it applies to all of life no matter what the age or situation.

Here’s another resource about Fixed and Growth Mindset

This video is also about kids and academic results, but again, the Fixed Growth Mindset applies across the board.

If you’re reading this article, you are the kids that these articles are talking about, only your journey concerns fat loss, fitness and/or health improvement.

When you don’t succeed with your weight or health goals, you see yourself as a failure most times.  But I like to think of it as ‘not yet’.  You just haven’t succeeded YET.

Just because you’ve tried things in the past and they haven’t worked, it just means that you haven’t found YOUR SOLUTION YET.

Maybe you need more accountability and structure.

Maybe you need less.

Maybe you need to stop ‘going it alone’

Maybe you need to add training to the mix

Maybe you just need to be more consistent.

The fact that so many people see themselves as failures in the weight loss/fitness world is one of the main reasons I’ve started to coach most of my clients from a habit-based-maintenance approach.

I’m trying to teach them to maintain before they attain and to have successes along the way so that they get closer and closer to success and further away from NOT YET.  So they can stay in that Growth Mindset and keep moving forward till their ‘not yets’ are nonexistent.

What do I mean by ‘maintain before attain’?

We all know that if you cannot maintain your fat loss program after you’ve lost the weight, no matter how much weight or how much fitter you got, you will go backwards and end up right back where you were before you started or worse.

How many times have YOU done this before?

How many programs have you started and stopped before you even got results?

My nutrition programs are based on MAINTENANCE MODE.  I don’t think I’ve ever told anyone that before, even though I’ve hinted at it over and over again.

MAINTENANCE MODE (MM) will get great results for you straight away.  But the main benefit of MM is that you can keep doing it forever.  By MM, I mean able to be maintained pretty much forever.  So not only will you get great results, but you get to keep them too.

So what is MM?

>>Its healthy eating.

>>Its real food that you buy from the supermarket.

>>Its doable in most situations because its pretty flexible.

>>You can do it forever (with a few optional tweaks once you reach your goals)

>>Your whole family can (and should) eat in a very similar way. You should not be cooking 2 or more meals for different family members.  All meals can be easily altered, without cooking different meals to suit your whole family – yes really!

My basic program for females is 5 meals per day, including protein and fruit/vegetables in each one and healthy fats a couple of times per day.

>>It does not mean eating food you don’t like or have intolerances too.

>>It does not mean you have to have a huge budget for groceries, supplements or other ‘add ins’

>>It does not mean you should be hungry.  In fact, the most common complaint I get is that there is too much food!

>>It does not mean you can never eat ‘X’ ever again

Once you learn to eat this way, we can tweak it for;

  • better results when/if you reach a plateau
  • different meal/snack timing in case you work shifts, don’t get breaks etc
  • changing food combos for allergies or intolerances
  • of course likes and dislikes – you have to enjoy eating, its one of life’s pleasures

Some of you do really well following a strict, set out menu, while others do much better focusing on changing habits one or 2 at a time.  Others can start out with a series of new actions which will later become new habits, but start more slowly with the meal plan or vice versa.

Either way, the goal is to learn the MM way of eating so that you can keep attaining and then maintain forever.

I run shorter online group programs on a regular basis where you can start your MM journey with support and accountability within a group setting.  These programs are run online and go for anywhere between 28 days to 12 weeks.  If you’d like me to let you know when my next one starts, fill out your details in the box at the top of this page.

Or, you may be interested in my in person training and nutrition programs.  If that sounds like you, complete your details in the box on the right hand side of this post OR if you’re on your mobile device, scroll down to the box that says ‘Get more information about training at FitterFaster’ and complete your details there.

The thing is, you have to maintain a Growth Mindset if you want to get better at anything.

Always working towards being better, being stronger, being more accountable to yourself and your coaches or mentors.  If you have a Fixed Mindset, or if you believe you’re a failure because you didn’t achieve something the first, second or even the 50th time you tried, you will never succeed.

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