Meet The FitterFaster Team

Jo Butler

I started FitterFaster in 2008 after taking up fitness for the first time in my life at the age of 34.  I know first hand what it is like to go from diet to diet and start exercise programs without success.  But now I know exactly how to get awesome results and how to keep them and really enjoy showing and helping others to learn the same and put it into practice.  

  • Kids - Caitlin , Ben, Lauren, Harrison and Olivia 
  • Hubby - Happily married to Greg since 1995
  • Pets - I have a border collie named Jackson and some chooks
  • Fav Drills - Up Downers, Walking lunges and Burpees/Get Ups
  • Least Fav - Heavy Thrusters
  • Fav Movies - Monsters Inc, Despicable Me and the whole Harry Potter series
  • Hobbies - fitness (duh) reading, gardening, cooking, writing, spending time with my family
  • Fav food - roast lamb or pork and loads of veggies
  • Treat food - I love vanilla ice cream and plain Cadbury chocolate

My favourite thing ever is to spend time with my family.  They're a really busy bunch who have taken part in  lots of sports and since having them I've qualified as a gymnastics coach, swim teacher, triathlon and running coach and have coached soccer, football, basketball and cross country running coaching to my resume.  Not bad for someone who prior to getting married knew pretty much nothing about any sport at all and had never tried anything myself.

I never thought that FitterFaster would continue to grow like it has.  But I'm so glad I started.  Helping people change not just their bodies but their whole lives is the most amazing thing and so rewarding

The best thing ever is seeing people change their outlook on everything, not just their bodies.  That's why I keep doing this.  Seeing peoples lives literally change before my eyes is the absolute best.   It's amazing how changing your body is so much more than just 'changing your body'.

From a few friends asking me how to get into shape, to changing 100's of lives has been unreal.  I couldn't do it without the support of my family and the wonderful team of coaches featured on this page.

Caitlin Butler

Caitlin is my eldest daughter.   From a young age she was super organised and good at directing others (some may call that bossy).   This and her empathy for others made her an ideal choice for coaching people on their individual fitness journeys at FitterFaster 

Caitlin has been training with us from the very beginning.  She was the youngest person to start serious training at FitterFaster and still holds this title.   

Other job: swim school coordinator at MB Sports and Leisure Centre

Fave exercise: Dead Bugs

Least Favourite exercise: thrusters and mountain climbers

Fave music: country tunes

Fave food: roast lamb and veggies with mum's gravy

Hobbies: walking, hanging out with my friends, cooking, basketball, football

I started training with mum when she first started FitterFaster.  I used to get up before school and workout with all the clients.

My first coaching role was FitForce after school. I really enjoyed it and have coached early morning sessions and now run PeakFit on my morning off from my 'real' job.

I love catching up with my regular clients and especially enjoy their funny stories and their recipes.  

I also still enjoy training with everyone at Basecamp and at home with the 45Lives.

Caitlin Butler

Barry Smith

Barry started training with us in November 2016 and has fitted right in as one of the most inspirational people here.  While he clearly has an amazing fitness level, he's never in your face about it and instead encourages everyone else to do their absolute best at whatever level that may be - from total beginners to the most advanced and everywhere in between.  

  • Kids/fam. I have two sons Archie and Wil with my partner Tenille
  • Fav movie. Kill Bill/ Good Will Hunting
  • Fav Music. Any.  However rage against the Machine seems to motivate me.  Nutbush also gets me on the dance floor!
  • Fav food Healthy/treat. FitterFaster Butter chicken/. Pizza and beer.
  • Hobbies. Surfing, riding motorbikes and binge watching TV series
  • Best Day would be with friends and family on a warm beach playing and surfing in the water.
  • Other Jobs Arborist for the CGSC
  • Favourite drill/exercise.  I love a good “Chipper” ticking the reps off.
  • Least favourite.  Lunges... thrusters should be made illegal.

I started at FitterFaster in November 2016  Jo's always been at the Forefront of fitness in Maryborough.  I was introduced to her and her family at a function and said I’d be interested in trying Fitterfaster for a few sessions and I’ve never looked back.

I started coaching BoxOut in May 2019.  A position became available and I applied. I love the position as it’s a rewarding Job.  And seeing athletes push themselves motivates me to be my best.

I feel I’m in a really great place at Fitterfaster. Mentally and physically.  To me that’s the definition of fitness.  I also love the fact i can be involved in my boys adventures and sports in more ways than being on the sidelines observing.  My future goals are to age gracefully and enjoy my active lifestyle 

It’s nice to be around positive like minded people.  Everyone shows up does the work and has a laugh at FitterFaster.  It’s a great community.   The legacy Jo is creating has had a major impact on the health and habits on Maryborough as a whole and she should be very proud of what she’s created.

Pet Hates.  When people say they wished I was a little more mature.

Nick Weaver

  • Kids/family
  • Pets: 
  • Fav. Movie: 
  • Fav. music/artist/band: 
  • Fav. food healthy and treat: 
  • Hobbies: 
  • Best Day ever would be: 
  • Other job: 

  • What you love about FF:  
  • Favourite Drill/exercises: 
  • Least Favs 
  • Goals - 
  • Pet hates: 

I joined Fitter Faster because an opportunity came up for me and I took it, I needed something different and becoming a coach was what I wanted.  Im very passionate about my fitness and love doing crazy challenges and put my body to its limits sometimes for a great cause. I hope I inspire people in the smallest way and they inspire someone and they inspire someone and we have all become a better person than we were the day before. I’ve only been coaching for a small  period of time at Fitter Faster and the  coaches have been fantastic in welcoming me to Fitter Faster, but the clients have been amazing, patient, kind, respectful and funny and are always up for a laugh. So thank you to  Jo and her Team I’m super proud to be part of this awesome family of fit, healthy, living life and love what we are doing.


Maddi Lichteveld

  • Kids/family: Married to Ruben for 10 years. 2 daughters: Elli 6, Abigail 4.
  • Pets: 12 year old black lab named Jeri.Fav.
  • Movie: My Big Fat Greek Wedding
  • Fav. music/artist/band: Country
  • Fav. food healthy and treat: quinoa & pomegranate salad/wine, G&T chocolate
  • Hobbies: Dancing, Zumba & learning to play piano
  • Best Day ever would be: Resort, Pool Cocktail
  • Other job: Accounts/Bookkeeper at Like To Build PTY LTD, F/T Mum & Homeschooler 🤓
  • What you love about FF:  I love the family friendly environment that Jo has created - it's the main reason I became a client 🥰
  • Favourite Drill/exercises: Squats and Dead Bugs
  • Least Favs  Spidermans and Burppes
  • Goals - Short term goals: to rebuild my core strength post having babies & surgeries Long term goals: to build up & maintain my general fitness and endurance. Hopefully one day I'll come to like running!
  • Pet hates: Fake People. Be real or be gone


Janae Lanfranchi


  • Family : I'm very close to my family.  I have a sister Caitlin and Murray is my partner of 7 years
  • Pets: 2 kelpie puppies; Wes and Lily plus 3 chooks and a pet lamb named Polly
  • Movie: I loved the new Top Gun movie
  • Fav. music/artist/band: any 90's music
  • Fav. food Sunday Lamb roast and a bit of chocolate
  • Hobbies: Fav sport is netball and I also love travelling around and going on walks
  • Best Day ever would be: Camping with family and friends anywhere warm
  • Other job: I work full time for Sludgebusters in the the office doing admin work
  • What you love about FF: Love the atmosphere, the support, the variety of classes and of course the people
  • Favourite Drill/exercises: DeadBugs
  • Least Favs  Thrusters
  • Goals - Improve fitness and get stronger
  • Pet hates: when TV is too loud