Minimum Effective Dose For Body Transformation

Minimum Effective Dose For Body Transformation

jo butler

Body Transformation. What is it??

Losing the rolls and bulges? Being lighter on the scales??

Getting skinnier or more muscular legs??

Building up some muscle or dropping clothing sizes??

Shaping up your arms and shoulders or getting a 6-pack??

It means different things to different people, but one thing in common with just about everyone I meet is, they want it yesterday.

“If I eat this, avoid that and train hard for the whole of next week, I’ll be ripped and lean by the following Wednesday!” Or something like that.

Hey guys! It takes a tad longer than that.

If you look back to how long it took you to gain those 10, 20 or more kilos. It may seem like it was just a matter of months, but the truth being, it probably took a lot longer than that.  Years is closer to the mark and more years than you probably think.

Now there’s nothing wrong with fast fat loss – don’t get me wrong. Getting rid of all that excess baggage quickly is the ultimate goal, but there is EVERYTHING wrong with doing it the wrong way.

You absolutely will not maintain your new nutrition program if its too strict. Sure, you’ll drop a few kilos really fast over the first 1-2 weeks, but pretty soon, you’re going to get sooooooo hungry and you’re going to be tempted to cheat a little, perhaps skip a workout because you’re a bit tired (after all, training hard and not eating enough makes you tired, hungry, cranky and likely to overindulge and give in)

I’ve seen this time and time again. Either someone has come to me because they’ve given up on the strict program they’ve been on and gained all the weight back (perhaps more than once) OR, they’ve started my programs, skipped snacks or meals with the mentality that LESS IS MORE!! “I’ll just lose it a bit quicker if I lower the food even more” is what you tell yourself.

But this does not work. I can tell you that from personal experience and from the experiences of my clients.

A much better approach is to do just enough to achieve fat loss, and then if fat loss stops or slows too much, we will change things around or lower calories more to get things going again.

This makes long term fat loss possible and also means that you’ll actually stick with the program long enough to lose ALL YOUR BODY FAT, not just that first few kilos.  Hands up if you’ve lost all your body fat and kept it off.  Not many of you putting your hands up (yes, I have eyes everywhere)  Why??

You most likely gave up on your program before you achieved total satisfaction with yourself, or, if you did manage to lose all the excess, you slowly but surely let it creep back on again because the program you used to lose it was not sustainable.

So here is my advice for those looking to lose excess body fat, ‘tone’ up, get lean or improve health, fitness or even build muscle:

  • Don’t be hungry all the time.  If you’re not eating enough to satisfy your hunger, you WILL NOT STICK WITH IT!!  Eat enough protein and enough healthy fats to keep your hormone levels stable. You also need plenty of low energy carbs to provide satiety, fibre, vitamins and minerals because if your body is lacking in anything, YOU WILL NOT STICK WITH IT
  • You do need to lower your calories below maintenance (or increase them if you want to build muscle) but you don’t have to go excessive.  If you do, YOU WILL NOT STICK WITH IT.
  • Train. Yep, just changing your diet will get you some results, but pretty soon your body will adapt and you’ll have to clean up your nutrition act.  There is nothing more powerful than a clean, healthy diet and effective training to elicit body transformation.  Most clients find it easier to stick with healthy foods on days they’ve trained.  Training puts you in the right frame of mind.  Oh, and while you’re thinking about training-YOU CANNOT OUT-TRAIN A BAD DIET
  • Start smaller and build up.  Only do what you need to do first.  Then you can add as you need.  THIS IS KEY.  Changing habits can take a long time, so do what is important first coupled with ‘easy to change’ things such as drinking more water and taking fish oils.  Every step in the right direction is a step closer to your goals.  Over time, you’ll build up those good habits till you have them all in place.
  • Ask questions IF YOU WANT TO.  Some clients don’t want to know the why, where others need to know every single detail.  If you want answers, ask the questions.  Remember too that each program is different, so while so and so says THIS and it makes sense, it may not fit into the overall program form someone else who says THAT
  • This leads to TRUST THE PROCESS.  While you may have a week or 2 or even 3 where not much is happening, trust the process. Talk about it with your coach.  Start a food and training journal and ensure you really are sticking with the program.  80% compliance means less than 80% results and that’s okay as long as you’re aware of it and are willing to sacrifice some of your results for short term gratification, whether that be a sleep in or a treat at dinner.
  • You are not a bad person because you’re overweight or unfit.  Your habits may have lead you to this place, but its not a reflection on your character or your worth.  If YOU want to change your body, you have to remain positive and be true to your goals.  You have to make a commitment to yourself (and your coach if you have one) and do your damn best to stick with it.  You need to stop making excuses and get on with it.   But, you also need to forgive yourself and move on if you do muck up.
  • Start small and move up.  I always ask new clients to focus on simply drinking more water, taking fish oils and starting to choose foods from the extensive food charts I provide in no particular quantities, combinations or at certain times.  Most have seen results within days or weeks.  Next step is to plan meals and be more structured with food choices, but it will be baby steps for some and ‘no probs’ for others.

So take this cue to start focusing yourself.  Start to plan what you are eating, shop ahead and schedule workouts (at home or elsewhere)   If you want some guidance from me to get started, let me know.  Check out the FitterFaster recipe book and try some new meals and snacks.  All newsletter subscribers receive a copy.

For those that know what to do, its just about being organised and making  a decision to do it.

What are you going to achieve over the coming months?

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