The New Year of the New Skinny

The New Year of the New Skinny

jo butler

Yet another year down and boy didn’t 2014 go fast. I had a fantastic year, with family, business and personal goals achieved.

If you’re a regular reader of my blogs and posts, you’ll know that there is nothing I hate more than people wait for a New Year or a new week or a new month or till after ‘X’ to think about making changes to their health, fitness and/or lifestyle. But seeing that a new year has just begun, I’m all for starting NOW.

I’ve already posted some of my personal health and fitness goals for the first 3 months of 2015 in the FitterFaster Private Client group. They include having a regular appointment at the masseur and chiro, drinking a minimum of 3 litres of water every day for the next 90 days(well 89 now), taking a maximum of 6 days off training (my fitness and lifestyle support this, yours may not!), and running 300km as well as doing more other fitness training such as my own FitForce and PeakFit sessions.

Another goal I have is to slightly change the focus of FitterFaster. I’ve been heading this way for some time now, but I really want to focus on improving my clients’ overall lifestyle and health as well as their body composition.

Those already in attendance or who have taken part in any of my programs know that this is a huge factor in all my packages/programs already, but I want to ‘put it out there’ so to speak a lot more.

I want to focus on overall fitness, improved health and wellbeing, all the while showing people how achieving these factors will results in a healthy weight as well.

There are too many programs that focus on the short term weight loss factor. Their intention is only ever losing X amount of weight as quickly as possible. I want to show people how improving your lifestyle habits will results not just in fat loss, but in improved wellbeing – more energy, better sleep, less disease, less illness and just overall a better quality life.

So I want everyone, especially my clients to stop judging their every success on the number of the scales.

Instead, start to focus on how your fitness, strength and endurance are improving.

Focus on how much better your skin looks and how much more energy you have.

Notice how you are not bloated anymore and how your ‘gut’ has really settled down.

Feel how your clothes fit and look better and how those headaches and other aches and pains are disappearing.

Healthy is the new Skinny.

NO, I’m not promoting being overweight and being happy with that (although that is also a choice YOU could make if you wanted to) but instead, I’m promoting taking the route to a better body that includes healthy habits and food choices so you can enjoy that better looking and feeling body to its full potential.

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