It’s Okay To Want To Be Better

It’s Okay To Want To Be Better

jo butler

I just wanted to do a short post on body image, body hate and the pursuit of the perfect body.

Firstly, I believe that there is absolutely nothing wrong with trying to be better.  Without a goal or somewhere to aim, we are just spinning the wheels.

A totally realistic goal for most people is to lose 5kg, heck, a hell of a lot of people (may I even suggest ‘most’ people here as well) could stand to lose 10kg in the name of better HEALTH.

But how many times have you promised yourself “this year I’m going to lose 10kg” or “this year/month I’m going to get down to a size 12” or whatever your goal has been?

And how much has the amount increased or how much further away is that elusive size 12 getting over the years??

So okay, we all agree that we can aim to be better, BUT in the meantime, we’ve got to stop hating ourselves!!

We’ve got to stop beating ourselves up because we don’t look like the photo shopped models and celebrities in magazines and on TV.  Hell, most of us are never going to look like those people even in real life when they’re not photo-shopped.

But that’s okay 🙂


We are still okay.  While it is okay to want to be better, its not okay to hate your body or hate yourself because of how you look.  Honestly, those models and celebrities mentioned above most likely don’t like their bodies either.  Nobody is satisfied with how they look.  Well, okay, there are probably some, but those people you admire, that you think have EVERYTHING because of how their body looks.

They are just like you, there is always something they’d like to change.  My thighs are too big, or my arms are flabby.  My butt is flat, my tummy is too large, my ‘everything’ wobbles.

So I’ll repeat, there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to be better.  Making progress is a great way to increase your happiness and satisfaction.  Just think about it.  Losing 1cm or decreasing your 3km run time by 15sec.  Its all progress and that’s what its all about.

We have to stop hating ourselves and telling ourselves how HOPELESS we are because we mucked up our plan.

We have to stop giving up because we failed.  The road to being better is full of potholes.  But when you stumble, you must get up and keep going.  You only fail when you give up.

Make progress!!  Aim to be better, not because you’re BAD, but because progress is the key to feeling better, being happier and getting better.

Decide what you want (remember small steps to achieve progress)

It could be to be able to complete an entire FitForce session, in MetCon week with a 12kg kettle bell

It could be to attend 3+ session every week for the next 10 weeks

It could be to eat healthy foods every day and only have ‘treats’ on 2 days per week

It could be to eat a healthy breakfast every day

It could be to be able to run 3km in less than 20 minutes

 You don’t have to hate yourself, but its okay to want to be better


What are you capable of??

To give you an idea, a some of my goals for Jan-March this year are:

  • Improve my run speed.  I will do this by not just ‘going for a run’ all the time, but by focusing on run workouts that will increase my speed instead of low intensity runs all the time
  • Keep on top of aches and pains by visiting the chiropractor and/or having a massage at least monthly
  • Get body fat back below 20% by eating enough protein, drinking enough water and limiting ‘non-daily’ foods to 1-2 times per week.
  • Improve strength and fitness (I have specific goals that I wont detail here) by prioritising my own training over other ‘stuff’ that I often let creep into my day

Once you work out what you want to achieve, what progress you want to make, then its time to work out how to do that.

If you know about the ‘what’ but you’re stuck on the ‘how’ let me know.  I can help you work out a plan to achieve the ‘what’

Comment on this post or email me and I can give you some ideas


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