So you want to see how you can get fantastic results and have fun?  It’s just $79 to get started and try everything for a whole month.

The best way to get started, and start to see results straight away is via our introductory package called the Jumpstart Program.

The Jumpstart Program is a 4 week training package that is guaranteed to get you fantastic results.  You get to try out all the different training sessions that we offer at FitterFaster as well as improving your nutrition meaning you will lose cm’s and body fat in just 28 days.

The total cost is just $79 for the full 4 weeks and includes unlimited attendances at FitForce, 2 Box Out, 2 Yoga sessions and 2 PeakFit Personal Training sessions and your before and after assessments.

After the JumpStart Program, we have many different options for future payment plans and packages so you can continue your training.

ALL packages and payment options include the following:

  • unlimited contact with me via email, phone or in person.  I am here to support and help you 24/7.  This is what a coach is for.  Not just to provide the training and nutrition programs, but to provide accountability and support so you can see results and maintain them.
  • Full nutrition programs personalised for you.
  • Ongoing challenges and other events held to test your fitness and help you to get the most from your program.  We have regular fitness testing challenges and programs in session.  So you’ll  have targets to aim for so that you’re always improving.
  • Individual training sessions that cater for you and your fitness level, strengths, weaknesses, injuries and goals.
  • My complete recipe book with over 200 healthy,  easy, yummy recipes for you and your family.  I update this often with new recipes for you to try.
  • Different training sessions that will match YOUR fitness level and keep you improving every week.  No 2 sessions are ever the same.  We do a mix of cardio, metabolic conditioning, resistance training and have lots of fun with games and team challenges too.  Train outdoors (except for bad weather when we do come inside)




Our  Lean For Life Direct Debit is guaranteed to get you results forever.  Lose body fat and regain your confidence while getting into shape and being able to wear the clothes you want.

The LFL Monthly or Fortnightly payment option allows you to attend UNLIMITED FitForce and/or Box Out sessions for just $160 per month or $80 per fortnight.

This can be set up to come directly from your bank account or credit card and there are no extra charges.  We have a lot of clients who take this option because there is no upfront payment and they are not limited to the number of training sessions they can attend.  You can choose what day of the fortnight or month that your payments come out.  THESE PACKAGES INCLUDE ALL OF THE ABOVE FEATURES AND BENEFITS.

You can stay focused on achieving their goals without worrying about extra costs if you decide to attend extra sessions in any week.

If you love FitForce and/or Box Out and plan to attend 3 or more times per week, this is the package for you.  Its also the most cost effective if you’re attending 3 or more FitForce/Box Out sessions per week.

(PeakFit Personal Training and yoga are not included in Direct Debit packages)

Family Direct Debit Packages

If two immediate family members would like to share a direct debit package, we have that option too.  The cost is $250 per month or $125 per fortnight for 2 family members to attend UNLIMITED FitForce and/or Box Out training.

This is a great, cost-effective way to share training costs with your mum, dad, son, daughter, sister, brother or your partner.  You don’t have to come together either. Depending on your schedules, you can attend together, separately or do a mixture of both.


If you’d rather pay up front and/or you’d like to include PeakFit Personal Training in your program, we have several package options.

At FitterFaster, the different types of training sessions can be paid for using one package.  We call these ‘credit packages’ and each type of training uses a set amount of ‘credits’ per training session.

Each FitForce, Yoga or Box Out session uses 1 training credit and a PeakFit Personal Training session uses 2 training credits.  If you plan on doing a mix of training sessions that includes PeakFit Personal Training(or even just PeakFit PT on its own) then our Credit Packages are for you.

A 30 credit package (for example) will pay for 30 FitForce/Box Out/Yoga sessions


15 PeakFit Personal Training sessions,


a combo of all 4 types of sessions if you choose to mix up your sessions.

Prices for ‘per session’ packages

30 training credits   = $410

50 training credits  = $590

100 training credits = $999

(Note that these packages are ‘pay up front’ packages, but payment plans can be arranged.  Just contact me for details)

Family Pay per session packages

Immediate family members can share credit packages.  Credits for each attendance by a family member are taken from the one package.  Share the up-front cost and train together (or separately if you prefer)


Students aged 10- 15 years old can attend training with a paying adult at NO COST. 

I have lots of mums/dads and sons/daughters who train together.  This is a great way for active teens to improve fitness for their favourite sport or to stay fit in the off-season.

Or teens not interested in playing competitive sports can train at FitterFaster in a safe, non-competitive environment as well.

If you’re over 15 years, or you do not have a parent training at FitterFaster already, we have discounted student packages as well:

30 training credits = $180  This package pays for Box Out and FitForce only.

Students sometimes share a package too. So if you and a friend would like to join, you can split the up-front cost of the student package and share the credits as well.

All  packages (except for monthly direct debit options) must be paid for up front.  You can make payment directly through our website app or with cash, cheque or Paypal if you prefer.


If you have any questions about any of my packages, or about how anything works, please complete the from below.

For more information on exactly how you can reach your goals at FitterFaster, complete your details below and I’ll send some free information

Thank you



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