Sample Menu for Fat Loss


Sample Menu for Fat Loss

jo butler

In the past, I have published a ‘sample meal plan’ and am doing it again to give you all an idea of how you might put together snacks and meals over an average 2 days in order to lose body fat.

Now remember this is not a diet. These are examples of how you should be eating every day, not just till christmas or till the wedding or whatever.

These two sample days do not allow for any extra ‘treats’. Make sure that once or twice per week-NO MORE you allow yourself a treat if you really have to. Do not go way overboard though. The more you cheat, the slower the weight loss will be.

I find that having a treat makes me want it more often and therefore I am usually better off not having it at all. If you must cheat have your treat with one of the meals. If you find that you are hungry on a plan like this, you are not eating enough. Increase the size of the servings of vegies and salads!!

Remember, the more you cheat, the slower your fat loss will be.  At some stage, you need to make the choice between the treat that you want right now, and the body that you want forever. A single ‘cheat’ session can undo an entire week of healthy, sensible eating.

First rule: Eat every 2-3 hours!!! I cannot stress this enough. If it is less than 2 hours since your last meal, do not eat. If it gets to the 3 hour mark, you need to eat right now.

Second rule: Eat protein at every meal there are several reasons for this which I will go into in a future post. Very very important

Third rule: Eat salad and vegies till satisfied.  These should be included at EVERY MEAL OR SNACK with your protein.   You should not be hungry eating on this plan. If you are hungry, eat more salad vegetables or other vegetables at your meals and snacks. When I say huge serving, I mean HUGE as any of you that know me personally can testify to. You will probably find yourself thinking ‘gee is it time to eat again? rather than thinking it has been ages since you last ate something.

If you’re not wondering if you’re eating too much, you’re not eating enough vegetables.  Up to twice per day, you can also add some fresh fruit to your meals.  While fruit is an important source of fibre, vitamins, minerals and photo nutrients, too much will slow your fat loss down.

Serving sizes shown are for the average female. For more help with this, send me an email, or comment above. Men will generally need larger servings. It is important to eat enough!!




Meal One
2 whole eggs, poached, fried (use a tiny bit of coconut oil to cook), scrambled or cooked into omelette.
1 piece of wholemeal or wholegrain toast-no spreads
Add lots of grilled tomatoes, or add onion, capsicum etc to eggs or eat a piece of fruit.  Make sure you include a decent serve of veggies with breakfast.  Add them into your omelette or scrambled eggs, or have them on the side like a salad.  Yes, vegetables at breakfast time.

Meal Two
1 serve of fruit with 1 protein serve and a tbs of flaxseed meal blended into a shake


2 date and walnut balls or lemon balls

Meal Three
approx 100-150g chicken (or a bit more if you chose the ‘balls’ at meal 2)
steamed vegetables- cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, sweet peas, zucchini, capsicum etc

Meal Four
150g full cream greek or natural yoghurt
fresh fruit-I dice mine and mix it in the yoghurt, or I use frozen berries-yum  1/4 cup almonds

Meal Five

approx 120-150g chicken, lean beef or lean lamb

huge salad- mix it up and have heaps of different salad veggies.
Make a dressing with 1 tsp of flaxseed oil and 2-3 tbs lemon or orange juice and a tiny bit of garlic or other favourite herb

Meal Six (this meal is optional and only to be eaten if you are genuinely hungry. Men should include Meal six every day)

1 piece of fresh fruit or 3/4 cup of canned fruit no added sugar
100-150g cottage cheese


Meal One
150g full cream greek or natural yoghurt
1/4 cup rolled oats
no sugar added canned fruit or fresh fruit (enough fruit to satisfy hunger)
1 serve of chocolate or vanilla protein powder

Meal Two
approx 100g of left over chicken, lamb or beef from last night’s meal
with medium salad

Meal Three
150g white fish or 100g salmon
large serve of steamed vegetables as in day one OR huge salad

Meal Four
1 piece of fruit depending on size and type
100g plain cottage cheese (I love strawberries or frozen berries mixed in mine)
2-3 nut free bites or lemon balls

Meal Five
120-140g chicken, beef or lamb
huge serve of steamed vegies or huge salad

Meal Six (again only if you’re starving. Men to have every day)
100g plain cottage cheese with a punnet of berries chopped into it
2 date and walnut or lemon balls

These are just samples of what I would recommend someone eat in a day to lose body fat and then maintain that loss.

Most Fridays my family have take away for tea. I have a warm chicken salad from My Pizza and Pasta and a few chips on the side as my treat.

You can also alter the order of the meals by swapping Meals two, four or six around with each other. The important thing to remember is to eat everything, even if it seems like too much and to eat often.

It all just takes preparation. Cook extra meat the night before and pack with salad to take to work. Salads are easy to pack and store. You can easily steam vegies in the microwave at work too.

Even though I have included protein shakes in the menu samples, I still want everyone to eat heaps of real unprocessed foods. Protein shakes are just a great way to get the protein in when you are on the go. Try to limit them to one serve per day maximum. Remember that there is nothing magical about protein shakes.

Invest in an insulated lunch bag to use to take food with you whenever you’re going out. Just pop in a freezer block (one of those blue things) and you are set for the day. You can complain about how annoying this is or you can just do it and get rid of that extra body fat that you hate.

If you would like an individual plan made up, I do online nutrition plans. You can either choose a plan where you make choices from food lists based on the schedule I give you. Or I can give you an exact menu with little choice-you just eat everything exactly as set out.

The two types of menus suit different people. Some love to have some choice and others don’t want to think about it.

For those that live near Maryborough, I include an assessment at the commencement and the end of the 6 weeks.  For those that are unable to come in person, an online assessment is completed instead.

A full nutrition plan with support for 6 weeks is normally priced at $120. For the month of July, I’m doing online Nutrition plans  with the option of attending FitForce training at no extra cost for the 6 weeks.

Give eating real foods a try. You will definately lose weight, but e you will also improve your health, have heaps more energy and just generally feel better.


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