Should You Diet Or Exercise To Lose Body Fat?


Should You Diet Or Exercise To Lose Body Fat?


The age old question and something I addressed just last week in my newsletter, where I said it is NOT 70% diet and 30% exercise.  Or 80/20 or even 50/50

The best results are obtained and maintained by taking your diet AND your exercise (training)as  seriously as each other.  It’s 100/100 if you want long term, sustainable results.

I can tell you one thing though from my 10 years of doing this with 100’s of clients – those that are the most successful train regularly.  

When you join FitterFaster, I stress that most people like you are best to NOT try to tackle everything at once – adding training, sleeping more, eating less snacks, adding more vegetables, drinking more water, giving up sugary coffees, adding breakfast, stopping alcohol and on and on.

There are 2 things that I mostly ask you to concentrate on and they are: adding a regular training routine and replacing current drinking habits with water.

For those already drinking plenty of water and that are well hydrated (I test for this) we’ll add an omega 3 supplement.

And that’s all we do for the first couple of weeks.  You will get results just doing this.  And you know what else, most clean up their diets in at least a few ways – resulting in even better results.

I know that when I train regularly, I eat better.  I snack less, I choose better quality foods and I don’t eat as much.

This is all anecdotal evidence, however  a new study done about 4 weeks ago decided to check this out by determining if exercising lead to better eating habits.  And guess what – it did!  (the study link is below)

Even though participants were told NOT to change their eating habits, they did anyway.

Most cut down on their consumption of fatty or fried foods and soft drinks and replaced them with more lean meats, fruits and vegetables, without being told to do so.

Some previous studies have put this down to the ‘high’ you get from training and the increase in dopamine levels (so you’re not looking for that high via food) and others have shown that by simply starting to look and feel better through exercise, they loved how their bodies were starting to change and that got them hooked on doing more to increase results.

With my experience, I believe it’s the second effect that results in the biggest changes to habits other than adding exercise.  That is:

Adding effective and regular training  to your routine leads to better sleep, leading to better hormone levels, leading to feeling better, to eating better and just feeling a whole lot better about yourself.

I’ve even seen people be able to decrease of stop medications treating depression, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and others (please don’t do this without your medical practitioner)

So this is why starting a good training program is the FIRST thing you should do.

Skip the expensive supplements or the crash diets.  They will only give your short term results (if any) and the biggest loss is often from your wallet. YOU DON’T NEED THEM

To find out how to add effective training, followed by all the other habits you’ll need to stack to get the absolute best (and fast) results that you can maintain, complete your details below.  By popping in your email address below, I’ll send you details straight to your inbox of what our training is about and if you’re interested, what to do next to get started.

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Here’s that link to the study too:  https://www.nature.com/articles/s41366-018-0299-3

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