The Transformation Tribe is the ultimate program for losing fat as quickly, easily and effectively as possible

  • Without feeling hungry all the time
  • Without slowing down your metabolism
  • Without doing heaps of cardio
  • Without hours of meal preparation
  • Without expensive supplements and meal replacements
  • Without putting it all back on again afterwards

This program is based on what actually works in the real world. Using a combination of science and experience I can help you to get as fit as possible, lose body fat more easily and get a body that looks lean, fit and toned

Designed with these 4 things in mind:

  • Lose as much body fat as possible without losing any muscle
  • Build more muscle so that you end up looking fit and lean rather than soft and skinny fat
  • Improving your health; lower your risk of diabetes, heart disease, stroke and many cancers
  • Not losing the results you’ve achieved when it is over

Stop These Problems

  • Losing Motivation – our whole tribe of clients and coaches will keep you motivated and on track. I’ve added an extra accountability step to this program that I’ve tested with a small group of clients and it is AMAZING. You will receive a daily check-in reminder directly to your phone every single day through the whole program.
  • Regaining weight after you’ve lost it – the program is designed to be continued long term (with a few tweaks) to either maintain or continue losing. Because there are no expensive supplements, you don’t need to factor this into your budget either. I actually show you how to continue after the challenge is over – WEIGHT REGAIN IS REAL on most programs. I address that specifically so it doesn’t happen to you.
  • Not getting results – I guarantee my programs because I know they work. If for any reason you are not happy, I’ll refund your money or continue to work with you free of charge once the program is over. All you have to do is participate by checking in and following the instructions. If for any reason you can’t, just contact me and I’ll give you a 100% refund if we can’t sort it out. Honestly, no catches😀

The Transformation Tribe solves all these problems. Every aspect is designed to eliminate or drastically reduce every problem you’ve ever had trying to get into shape and ensure you get into the best shape possible in a sustainable way.

You can’t fail with this program. With my guarantee you have nothing to lose – except that excess body fat. 😀

The Transformation Tribe Challenge begins on September 16th and runs for 6 weeks

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What Do You Get?

YOUR TRAINING COMPONENT Every part of your training will be dialled in and planned for you. Our training programs are second to none for producing the fittest, leanest bodies around. No matter what you level of fitness is right now you have access to unlimited FF training for the whole 6 weeks.

RECIPES COMPONENT All the recipes for each meal are included and they’re all fast and easy to prepare and cook as well as using ingredients you already have on hand or can get from your local supermarket

LIFESTYLE COMPONENT Factors such as sleep, recovery, alcohol consumption and stress all affect the results you can achieve. So we address them in easy to apply steps to ensure the fastest results you can get

THE NUTRITION COMPONENT You will not need to count calories, carbs or protein with this plan. Exactly what to eat is set out for you including what to eat if you don’t like what is on the menu. We also provide easy ways to change the menu if you need/want to

MOTIVATION COMPONENT You’ll be working with the entire Transformation Tribe towards common goals together. There are also prizes which you can work towards by following the strategies along the way.

DAILY ACCOUNTABILITY Not only will you get ongoing in-person support from your training coaches, including me, but you’ll be part of a private group where we’ll post all details, help each other, answer questions and get daily information. I’ll also educate you through emails each week so you know exactly what you need to do


We have so many success stories at FitterFaster. You can read about some of them and see before and after photos by clicking here: SUCCESS STORIES

If you have any questions at all, please email me or call/text me 0429 612975 any time.

  • $349 for full program including unlimited FitForce personal training
  • $189 for online version (no in person training)
  • $49 for current FitterFaster clients



The whole Transformation Tribe program is just $349. Remember this is 100% guaranteed to work for you. Everything above is included – daily checkins are an extra from previous challenges.

There is also the distance option which includes the nutrition and and lifestyle habits part only. You’ll still join the private group, get all the posts and emails and also the daily check ins to the app on your phone. I have had clients achieve amazing results doing this too so if you’re not local, this is a great option too. This option is $189 including a guarantee as well.

You will also be able to join my GFM online workout program because the best results will be achieved if you do my training program with the nutrition side. There is no extra cost for this. When you do your daily check ins, you’ll record which workouts you did as I won’t be seeing you at training in person.

Payment plans are available for the full program – please email or call me for more info or 0429 612975


As well as sending you detailed emails with full instructions for each strategy, there is a private Facebook group and I’ll be sending you a message direct to your phone each day to remind you of the strategy or steps you’re taking that day.

I know how easy it is to get off track, forget what you’re supposed to be doing in a moment of temptation or give up because something didn’t go to plan. I don’t just tell you what to do, I SHOW AND TELL YOU HOW TO DO IT


People who achieve and maintain lean and healthy bodies know that food that is prepped at home is not just better for you, but also tastes fantastic and the right choices stop you gaining body fat.

But don’t panic, all of my recipes are super easy, fast to cook and prepare and use just basic ingredients from the supermarket. And this is not just chicken and broccoli. There are literally 100’s of recipes for you to choose from.


I can also tell you is that those who choose the ‘train with us’ option, will lose the most weight and be the happiest with the changes they see and feel in their body.

As I mentioned in the above, those that complete the full program including the in-person training will see the best results by far.

Not only is our training program designed to work precisely with the nutrition and lifestyle changes you’ll be making, but staying in personal contact with myself, our other coaches and fellow Tribe members will help you to stay on track and follow the plan more closely.

Personal contact and support is second to none when it comes to great results. The Transformation Tribe is so much more than just a nutrition plan. After running almost 20 challenges in the past year, those that take the full package on undoubtedly get the best results by a long way.

Because of that, I have a really special offer at the end for those that do take that option. This is because I know it works so much better this way and want to really encourage you to join the full program. You will not regret it if you do. IF YOU HAVE TRIED ONLINE PROGRAMS BEFORE AND THEY HAVE NOT WORKED FOR YOU – JOIN THE FULL PROGRAM. PEOPLE LIKE US DO MUCH BETTER IN A GROUP ENVIRONMENT WITH IN PERSON SUPPORT.


Yes there are. But I work my prize-giving a little different to most. Prizes will be given out to those you put in the most effort. How will I measure that? Firstly, there is are the daily check-ins. Are you doing those? Then there are the new habits you’ll be putting into place – such as getting enough sleep, drinking enough water and training often enough.

Then there is how well you are following the actual nutrition part of the program and how much you are interacting and giving feedback to me. After all, how can I help you if you’re not giving me good feedback.

So prizes are NOT awarded to the ‘biggest loser’ but in most cases, those that earn the prizes are in the top level of achievers – because I am rewarding you for the things that matter in body transformation! If you’re following the plan and putting those habits into place, you will get amazing results.


This is not a problem at all. Our training program caters for every fitness level. From those just starting out till those at the top of their game. And everyone in between.

We have an extensive Rookie program that focuses on technique first and then we add intensity as your fitness level increases.


The minimum number of times you’ll be required to train at FitterFaster is 3 times per week. Over the course of the challenge there will be extra sessions to do as well. Mostly, you’ll be able to do these extra ones at home if you prefer – however, being that the package is unlimited FitForce PT, it won’t cost you any extra to come along more often – and most people do end up preferring this.

Those that train at home solely will need to train more often to get the best results. Because your workouts will be shorter ( I have found longer ones just don’t get done at home) you will need to start with 3 as a minimum but build to 5 times per week by the 3rd week. I’m not going to sugar-coat this. Do you want results or not???


I cannot guarantee a certain amount of weight loss. What I can guarantee is that if you have excess body fat, you will start to lose it from the first week.

The rate you lose it will vary depending on your age, how long you’ve been overweight, how much weight you have to lose and of course, on how closely you follow the whole program. You can find lots of before and after photos and comments from past and current clients here: SUCCESS STORIES If you have any specific questions about this, please email me an time and we can chat about your situation


To join simple fill out your details below.

  • $349 all inclusive including unlimited personal FitForce training at Fitterfaster
  • $189 for online version only
  • $49 for current FitterFaster clients
  • (Payment plans are available – please email/call me for more information )