What Level Are You At?


What Level Are You At?


When searching for nutrition, training and lifestyle advice it is easy to fall into the trap of recommending the “trend of the moment”.

I see this happen in nutrition (celebrity-endorsed detoxes anyone?). And it happens in training too (e.g. unstable surface training/ band training etc as a cure all)

This may seem exciting, fun and even glamorous. But it comes at a cost – and that cost is your long term progress and results.

The VAST majority of people are at what I call a Level 1.

And the vast majority of Level 1s need to work on fundamental skills in key areas – nutrition, movement, stress, sleep (with mindset a key piece in all of these).

The best thing about this is that it doesn’t matter about your personal dietary preferences; eg vegan or vegetarian or if you have conditions such as celiac disease

The fact of the matter is, there are a lot of things the same about successful different eating approaches and preferences. So whether you want to or already eat keto or low-fat, vegan or Paleo, the fundamentals can help you do it safely, sanely, and successfully.

Regardless of dietary persuasion, you need to work on fundamental skills such as:

* Appetite and hunger awareness (why and how you are eating)
* Portion sizes, and amounts for your needs (what and how much you are eating)
* Consistently eating mostly minimally processed, whole food
* Consistently plan and prep whole food meals – most of the time
* Stress management
* Sleep quality 
* Sleep quantity

I don’t have cool names for all of these skills. But they are critical pieces to help you have long-term success.

The exact way you go about using these fundamentals depends on some of your preferences.

* eating preferences (e.g. keto, vegan), 
* goals (e.g. fat loss, muscle gain)
* life circumstances (e.g. single, married, kids, menopausal, etc.)
* activity levels

In the end:

* Focus on fundamentals first, always
* Work to develop your skills one or two at a time

Do these two things, and you will be making the largest and fastest progress and at the same time will be learning to continue so that you can maintain that progress over time.

As a coach I have taken over 11 years of experience and over 5 years of my own education and coaching to be able help you in the best way possible to introduce these skills into different situations.

Families, single parents, working people and those on a budget need extra different strategies to make it all work from a single person cooking for themselves for instance. That’s where a coach comes in.

Part of all FitterFaster packages is attention to changing life-style habits and of course what food you’re eating on a daily basis.

I also do online transformations in the form of short term intensive programs and also my ongoing membership called Total Body Transformation Academy.

You can find out about my training by clicking HERE

And the online Total Body Transformation Academy by clicking HERE

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