Which Sport is Best To Get Into Shape?


Which Sport is Best To Get Into Shape?

jo butler

Wow!!  Who thought that playing sport would get you in shape?

Wrong!!  If you’re a kid, and you play sport and are active, yes, you’ll be in pretty good shape.  But as an adult, you should get in shape to play sport, not play sport to get in shape.

So you’re never going to have the ability of some of the guys in the picture, but it doesn’t matter.  Playing sport in general will not get you into shape.  Why?

Playing sport may cause you to sweat and burn some calories, yes, that is generally true. Most sports involve spurts of activity with lots of rest, both of which are not controlled or progressed.  While one game may leave you gasping, another will barely raise your heart rate.  A progressive cardio program will deliver the fitness you need to play your sport safely.


Playing sport when you’re very overweight and unconditioned can be dangerous.  Apart from the risk of cardiovascular problems, you’re also an injury waiting to happen.  As a mostly sedentary adult, your bones, tendons, ligaments, joints and muscles are all unconditioned and can easily be injured.  Playing sports such as tennis, netball, football, soccer and the list goes on, without strength and mobility means its really only a matter of time till you incur an injury that will not only be painful, but may also mean that you cannot go to work or do other daily activities.

A weekend sports player, save your ‘sport’ for leisure, relaxation and fun time.  If you’re a competitive athlete, your sport is time for competition.


The time to ‘get into shape’ is between games.  Work on your general strength, mobility and cardiovascular fitness and then build sport specific training on top of that.  You’re much less likely to get injured and you’ll also enjoy your sport a lot more as well.


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