Why My Newsletter?


Unlike most newsletters, I’m not going to simply give you a round up of what you could already find on my blog or social media pages

Nope, I’m going to send exclusive content that you will only get in my newsletter, unless you’re a client at FitterFaster already that is.

This will be stuff that you can implement the day you read it.

Strategies that you can implement no matter how busy you are.  That is, whether you’re a busy stay-at-home mum or dad, working 1, 2 or more jobs, whether you travel a lot or have to feed and attend to a family of any size.

There are so many tactics, hacks or whatever you want to call them that I share with just my in person training/nutrition clients.

Just like them, I know what it’s like to try and keep fit, eat healthy food, cook healthy meals for a family, get enough sleep, run 2 businesses, be in the car running kids around 10+ hours per week as well as hang around in places I don’t know while my kids do their ‘stuff’.

But I’ve worked out ways to actually fit it all in, without putting extra pressure on myself.  In fact, that extra pressure is exactly what you DON’T need.

Now I’m going to start sharing that with you.

I’ll still be writing blog articles and doing social media posts, but I’ve decided that because giving out your email address is important, I’m only going to send important and valuable stuff to you.  Not just a rehash of what I post online already.

And unlike many newsletters, you can hit reply any time and I will actually answer your email.

I’ll be there personally. I don’t have a team to answer your questions, no it’s me Jo Butler and I will reply myself within 24 hours.

My goal is to only send stuff of value that I don’t post elsewhere.

So to get on my list, complete your details below.

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And just a reminder, the content I’ll be sending will be new content that you won’t find on my blog or on my social media pages.  So I’ll ask you not to share online (in fact there are no social share buttons on my emails)

You can however forward my emails to friends and family that may find the content helpful or send them to my website so that they can subscribe also.

So thank you for choosing FitterFaster.  I look forward to helping you and hopefully to hearing some feedback from you also.


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