Why your fat loss diet or training program doesn’t work for YOU

Why your fat loss diet or training program doesn’t work for YOU


One of the reasons you may not be able to stick with any fat loss diet or program you’ve tried is because you’re trying to change everything about your lifestyle and work it into the program instead of getting the program to work into your life

For instance, the plan may require that you eat 5 meals and snacks per day.

You barely have time to get the kids to school and yourself to work, let alone fit in a full breakfast meal prior AND have 3 snacks or meals packed to take with you. That’s without even thinking about your families evening meal!

Then the plan insists that you exercise in the morning on an empty stomach (because that’s better for fat loss – right?) and that you purchase particular brands of things, only organic produce and take X number of supplements to increase fat burning as well.

Then on top of that, certain foods are banned, unless you add such and such and you have to cycle your carbs, count your calories and keep track of points and protein grams on the side.

No wonder you’re confused and unable to stick with the program!

99% of programs tell you what to do, often with strict rules that you cannot change, and then they omit the really important part – HOW to do it.

How is anyone supposed to count carb, protein and at grams while trying to cook 3 meals at once; one program compliant for yourself, one for your hungry partner and another for your kids?

Or worse, ask someone else to figure it all out because you don’t do the meal preparation in your household?

What you actually need is a program that talks about real food and about exercise that you’re able to do – who the heck can do a handstand walk anyway??

A program that gives you easy to measure quantities (if that’s needed) AND how to modify the meals and snacks for the rest of your family without the need to cook different meals all together.

A program that allows you to interchange foods easily, in case of allergies or likes and dislikes.

A program that helps you to fit exercise in by providing various times through each week that can work for most work/home schedules and then have alternatives, like prerecorded workouts and replays for those days when it still doesn’t work.

And then with your workouts, being able to challenge yourself but AT YOUR CURRENT FITNESS LEVEL even if that’s practically non-existent.

A program and coach that realises your family comes first and that kids just sometimes (or almost always) aren’t as flexible as we’d like

This is the kind of program I try to provide. While of course it has to have structure or you won’t get results, I am able to help you with the actual implementation of the program in a step by step way.

You may be someone who is ready to totally overhaul everything and be able to make that work. Or you may need to take a more step by step approach and build new habits one or 2 at a time.

And that is exactly what this is about. No matter what program or plan you attempt, there will be some habits (maybe loads and loads of them) that need to change.

After all, your current habits are NOT SERVING YOU and that’s why you’re looking for a new way in the first place.

So how do I do that?

New clients generally start in one of 2 ways at FitterFaster; they join as a new client and mostly start our training program first (online or offline or a combo) OR they join one of our Challenges where we tackle nutrition first usually combined with training and sometimes not.

Either way, you are given step by step instructions on where to start. Which habits are important to change first for YOU to get best results.

While one person really needs to work on a better breakfast, someone else’s breakfast might be okay and they’d be better off cutting out some of what they’re drinking during the day.

And what if you just can’t change that breakfast just yet for any reason? We’ll work on something else first – something you can do that will also give you results straight away.

Eventually, we hope that mostly you’ll change all the habits to get the best results long term, but if and when this happens is different for everyone.

And no food is totally off limits. We work with you to figure out how you can fit in your favourites, including a few drinks if that’s your thing and not end up going totally backwards and having to give up or start over again.

The way I see it is that if we can’t work in with you, with your family, with your likes and dislikes and with things you really, really don’t want to change, we wouldn’t be able to help you.

It doesn’t matter what program you follow, if you strip away the complicated bits, the basics are almost always the same.

You still need to make better food choices, drink more water, get enough sleep, exercise in some way and not eat too much if you really want results.

If you’d like more info about our programs at FitterFaster, just pop your details in below and I will email you some details. We have in person program, online programs and programs that combine both

And if you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to reply to the email I’ll send an ask away. I personally answer all emails I receive.

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