Working out at home doesn’t work

Working out at home doesn’t work


A quick search of the phrase ‘fitness at home’ got me 6220000000 hits this morning.

The results (at least the ones on the first few pages) were a mixture of downloadable apps with built in workouts to follow, fitness equipment for purchase and to use at home and a whole heap of ‘follow along’ YouTube workout videos.

For anyone deciding to use any of the above, I wish you good luck. I honestly mean that, because as you know, my mission is to teach as many people as possible how awesome you can feel by getting fitter and eating well.

However, most people who decide to do something on their own, give up before they see or feel measurable results.

Your home is where you hang out with family, where you eat, where you relax. And it’s for those reasons, that it is NOT the most motivating environment to start a fitness program.

For most people, beginning fitness is hard. You don’t know what to do, exercises are hard and it often hurts – both at the time and the next day!! While recorded workouts and videos can help, they are usually more helpful for people who are already in the habit of exercising regularly. Who already feel the benefits of being fitter, not those just starting out.

Here of course is where I tell you about FitterFaster and why I truly believe it’s a much better way to start out.

What makes FitterFaster different?


Individual coaching is at the absolute core of what we do at FitterFaster.

Every client in every workout is being coached.

If you’re not feeling as motivated any particular day, we’ll be there to help you get the most out of that class. We’re there to ensure you are doing everything properly and helping you to progress so that you’re not trying to do too much too soon and also the opposite; that you are challenging yourself enough to see results.


When you walk into a FitterFaster class, you see familiar faces. You know everyone (or at least you will really fast).

Everyone is working at their own pace, working towards their own goals, but because we’re like family, everyone is also encouraging everyone else without competition.

You will be surrounded by people who want to see you succeed – no matter what your goals are. This includes all our coaching staff and the other clients.


For first time users, walking into a gym can be intimidating.

We do not have rows of machines like most gyms. We use a variety of different equipment and our own bodies to build strength and cardiovascular fitness in a non-intimidating way.

Because at every visit you will have a coach, you won’t feel lost in out gym. You’ll never be standing there wondering what you’re supposed to be doing. New clients are integrated into the workouts at their own pace and given lots of instruction throughout their visit.

Change is hard.

We help make it a lot easier.

  • We show you exactly what to do and when
  • If you need to bring your kids with you, that’s fine – not everyone has a babysitter available and we often have many children at our classes
  • We have a variety of times to help you to fit fitness into your schedule. Whether early mornings, during the day or evenings and weekends suit you best, we cater for that. If you work shifts or other circumstances change each week, you’re able to change your times around to suit.

While anyone is welcome, we specialise in helping mums and dads get back into shape.

Our coaches all have families and understand that you need to work around more than just your own schedule. We know that kids get sick, events come up and that baby sitters cancel at the last minute (or you don’t even have one)

That’s why we help you to get into a routine that works for your family and for you. Otherwise, just like exercising at home on your own, you won’t keep doing it.

Pop your details below to receive further information about our started programs by email. I won’t start calling you or anything, all info is simply emailed to you. If you have further questions or would like to get started, you simply reply to my email and I will personally reply.

Alternatively, you can email me directly now at [email protected]

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Couple can train together in a supported environment

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