Your Automatic Fat Loss Plan


Your Automatic Fat Loss Plan


If you’re fat loss menu plan is not automatic and simple to follow and understand, you need to change it

That doesn’t mean you need to eat the same thing every day. Although eating the same thing several times per week is a very clever tactic if you tend to obsess over food

What do I mean by simple?

The ingredients need to be minimal, easy to access, not expensive and taste pretty good.

In fact, a good diet for someone that has been eating totally the wrong things, will be pretty boring. It will repeat a fair bit and will seem way too basic to work.

The less you think about food and the fewer decisions you have to make the more likely you are to stick with it.

When you’re changing WHAT you’re eating in a big way, the less decisions the better.

You will not stick with it if you have to:

  • cook complicated things,
  • choose between 100’s of food choices,
  • go out trying to purchase hard to find ingredients or
  • spend tonnes of money on supplements, meal replacements or pre-prepared meals

And we all know by now that sticking with it long term is the ONLY WAY TO GET GOOD RESULTS.

What Does An Automatic Food Plan Look Like For Fatloss?

In a nutshell it looks like this:

  • Select a healthy protein source
  • Add tonnes of fresh salad or fibrous vegetables or both for nutrient rich carbs
  • Add a small serve of clean carb foods (like potatoes, rice or fruit)
  • A couple of times per day, eat a small serve of a healthy fat source.

What are proteins, carbs and healthy fats? Check this post for more details about that in list form.

For a heap of free recipes that are delicious, easy, fast to prepare and simple as described above, go here You’ll also find a heap of other free downloads that can help you with different aspects of your transformation and improving your health

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