Do you want guaranteed fat loss and fitness results?

We help busy people achieve high fitness levels and better bodies through fitness and nutrition programs.


FitterFaster is NOT for you if you are looking for magical solutions to your weight and/or health and fitness problems.

The people we work with want to have better than average health and fitness even though they may feel overwhelmed and consider that they really don’t have time for their own health and fitness.

They may have tried other ‘easier’ solutions, but now realise that for the most part they only thing they do is empty your wallet.

While everyone may be starting in a different place, from total beginner to those that are already quite fit, you are all aiming to be better than ‘just a bit better’.   YOU WANT TO GET REALLY FIT AND LOOK REALLY FIT, but you’re just not sure how to go about it considering everything else you have going on.

You’ll come to FitterFaster because you want to be a healthy weight, you want to be energetic and fit.  Maybe not just a bit fit, but really fit.

We can help you do that.

We can show you how to fit fitness into your hectic schedule, how to fit healthy nutrition in around 1000 other things and how to look like you spend hours doing both even though you feel like in reality, you feel like you have 5 minutes a day.

FitterFaster is for those that are truly will to give change a go and the program a chance.   This does not mean that you can’t have setbacks or fall off the proverbial horse from time to time.

What it does mean however, is that;

  • YOU ARE READY TO MAKE CHANGES and trust the process.
  • That you realise what you’re doing now is not working and you want to make changes to see results.
  • You’ll do your best to stop making excuses
  • You’ll give my suggestions a red-hot go before deciding that they’re not for you
  • That you can’t pick and choose which bits of my programs you want to do and which bits you don’t. The act of improving your health and fitness and losing body fat is not just one thing – its lots of things that work together.
  • You understand that there is no magic and that you will need to put in quite a lot of effort


At FitterFaster, we pride ourselves on giving an individual workout to everyone in attendance no matter the group size. You’ll work hard, but have fun at the same time. Workouts will be challenging, but at YOUR level and always with YOUR goals and current fitness level in mind.
We keep our group sizes smaller and manageable so the individual attention to detail is always guaranteed.
We also provide nutrition programs to all clients because without improving your nutrition, you’ll never achieve a better, fitter, healthier body that you can be proud of.

Because you want to see results, we absolutely guarantee all of our programs. If you are not satisfied with the results you achieve, we will fully refund your program costs.  The clincher here is that YOU have to put in some effort first.

We guarantee that if you follow our simple lifestyle changes and train regularly, you will achieve results as amazing as dropping clothing sizes in as little as a few weeks.

Our trainers Barry, Caitlin, Maddi, Janae, Nick and myself of course, all care about each individual client and strive to give the best we can at each training session.

You’ll be encouraged to give your best without being pushed too far.

Your form and technique will be checked constantly to ensure that you get the best possible results and keep the risk of injury to a minimum.  If you have any injuries or issues, we will work with you to find alternative drills or scale as required.

We are all also walking the walk.  We’ll train alongside you at other coaches classes, we make the time because we expect you to do that too.

If you have any concerns at all, I will personally follow up with any queries or questions and am available to you  via email, phone or text.

You can Meet The Team here.


Fitness should be fun, but results are the number one priority.

Training should be challenging but not impossible.

You should look forward to every session and you should be able to see results quickly.

Training at FitterFaster will make you feel and look better – not leave you exhausted and tired.


I had been totally sedentary for my whole life, proving that if you want to do something, you can do it.

I took up training at 34 years of age. I’d never played sport or been active at all prior to then. But I made the decision to spend time doing something for me where everyone didn’t call me ‘mum’ all the time. I had 4 kids aged 4 and under at the time.

I started training for triathlons believe it or not and ended up competing firstly in short ones and then graduating to half ironman distance.  I also completed many half marathons and a full marathon. I had well and truly caught the fitness bug.

Another baby and lots of years later, I had travelled to lots of different events around Victoria making for great weekends away with my family. I was never a contender for prizes, but achieved lots of personal bests and was the fittest I had ever been.

All of this endurance training helped me to lose some weight, but it didn’t really get me into the shape that I wanted on it’s own. So I delved into finding out how to change that. Surely my 10-14 hours of training a week should have made me like what I saw in the mirror!

What I found out was that endurance training (or cardio as most people refer to it) actually doesn’t do that much to change how your body looks and functions especially if that’s all you do. Sure, I was great at swimming, cycling and running long distances, and I loved that, but I also wanted to be able to wear nicer clothes and improve how I felt about the way I looked as well.

Once I changed the way I was training, I saw big improvements straight away. I also changed my nutrition and I felt like I had more energy and was loving the way my body changed. I also started to wear a bikini for the first time in my life.

Since retiring from long distance events, my endurance isn’t what it used to be, but that’s fine because I don’t have time to do long distance triathlons anymore anyway. I am still able to do shorter triathlon events, fun runs and the like whenever I want to because the type of fitness training I do now isn’t as specialised. I recently ran a half marathon easily even though I only run on average probably once or twice per week at the most now.

The training I do now is a combo of training for every day activities, such as playing backyard football, basketball or soccer with my kids, going for a run to clear my head, looking good and preventing age related injuries and illnesses by being strong, having improved mobility and much better health.

When I started training this way, is when the questions from friends and others increased dramatically. All of a sudden, everyone wanted to know what I was doing and how they could do it too.

So FitterFaster was born in 2008

At first, it was just a few friends coming to training. I started in various locations around town but now all training sessions are held at Base Camp at my home.

This makes it easier to work training clients around my family and also means we have a dedicated gym and outdoor space to work in no matter what the weather.
We’ve recently extended our gym and outdoor area so that we have lots of space and can run all kinds of programs aimed at different outcomes and results.

I always say that if you want something bad enough, you’ll make time for it and I really believe that.

That’s one of the underlying philosophies at FitterFaster. If you want results, you have to make the time to get them. Every one of us has the same 24 hours in a day. It’s up to you to decide what you want to achieve in those hours.

At FitterFaster we have clients ranging from 10 years old to over 60.

We have elite sports players, teenagers and mums and dads of all ages all working on improving their health, fitness and their lives.

Improving your health and fitness improves every aspect of your life in ways you couldn’t even imagine.  What unites us is our desire to be better by making changes and sticking with them while supporting each other to do the same.

Being able to do whatever you want, whenever you want feels amazing.

Being able to wear the clothes you want to wear is awesome.

Having energy every day, getting sick less often or not at all and sleeping better are all side effects of better health and fitness.

What are you waiting for?

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