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If you have tried everything, it's time to try something that really works and improves your health at the same time.

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Fitness and Fat Loss for busy, everyday men and women who want to look toned and fit but don't want to spend their whole lives in the gym.

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Our team have all been through their own fitness transformations.  Meet us here:

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We use our experience to create yours

If you're frustrated or disappointed with the way your body looks or how your fitness isn't getting better and you're serious about changing this, you are going to love FitterFaster.

We specialise in working with people just like you.

People that have families, have jobs and/or run business's or do shift work.  

People that have what sometimes seems like a million other commitments as well and don't have hours and hours to spend food prepping or exercising

We have helped change the lives of 100s of busy clients.

What all these people have in common, is the desire to finally stop chasing the magic and make a commitment to following something through. 

Something that really works

  • This means you can be fit, healthy and lean no matter what your age or level of experience.
  • This means you have more energy every day
  • This means you can perform better at your sport 
  • This means you can wear the clothes you want to wear
  • This means you can be a good example for your family
  • This means that at long last, you can be proud of your body and proud of yourself
  • This means you'll feel motivated to continue because you'll feel and look so good
  • This means you can keep up with your kids or grand kids - no more sitting on the sidelines
  • approach

    We cut through all the complicated rules and make it super simple

    It's not about the latest diet or exercise craze if you really want results.  

    If you want to change your body for good, you need a program that works fast and that you can continue to follow after you've achieved your goals so that you don't just end up right back where you started.  

    You'll be able implement our system into your busy life and totally transform the way you think about health and fitness.   Once you 'get it' you'll actually look forward to training and your meal prep and nutrition will become easy.

    You'll actually feel more motivated as you go through the program


    Check what our clients say about us

    I will be forever grateful. Losing 16kgs in 26 weeks feels great, but it’s even better to be feeling fit and able! I was at a stage where my life was just revolving around work and young kids and doing what I could to get through the day at the detriment of my own wellbeing, but you handed me a lifeline and I wasn’t going to let you or myself down.


    When I started I was concerned that I would feel like the odd one out in a class full of very fit people but this has never happened, New clients are always made welcome and encouraged and never made to feel silly.

    Since I started I have lost 20kgs and I am fitter than I have been in years


    It is all positive - I have only done the programs on-line and feel like I am your only client.  Your positive outlook and enthusiasm is infectious and I just thrive on it.  How you manage everything in your own daily life and yet still so enthusiastic and positive for everyone else is beyond me - a real credit to you Jo!


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