6 Weeks To 6 Pack Abs


6 Weeks To 6 Pack Abs


With all the before and after transformations you see on your newsfeed and in your stories, it’s easy to believe that anyone can be ripped and muscular in 4-6 weeks.

This makes it really, really hard for you to manage your expectations and to know what is actually possible for YOU to achieve.

Have you ever thought?

“Where are all the pictures of the people who followed the same program, but only lost 3kg?”

I mentioned recently in a video that I’m sick and tired of all the stupid and unrealistic promises made by influencers and celebrities about transformations and transformation photos.

You can achieve amazing things in 6 weeks. We have so many clients at FitterFaster that prove you can do just that

But to set expectations like taking someone who is 20 kg overweight and getting them a solid 6 pack in one short program – yeah, not likely. But this is portrayed over and over again in social media, magazines and even in news articles now

The main problem I see with this is not that it’s almost straight out lying. But that when the going gets hard for you it makes it so easy to give in.

Messages such as ” you’re just making excuses if you don’t succeed” or “you’re just not working hard enough if you don’t see those results” are dished out in fancy memes and posts designed to put the blame back onto you, the person trying to live up to expectations that are not realistic for most people.

“I’m not achieving what I’m supposed to – I am hopeless. May as well give up, I obviously don’t have what it takes”

Things don’t always work out as we hoped and sometimes we are to blame. But this is perfectly okay, with one condition:


It doesn’t matter if it takes a bit longer – 3 or 4 months or even a year. It’s such a short time in the scheme of things and probably a lot less time than it took you to get out of shape in the first place.

Yes, fast transformations are amazing and I love it when I see them myself, in real-life, in person.

But there are so many factors that go into a successful transformation.

  • Diet
  • Training
  • Sleep
  • Recovery
  • Supplements
  • Age
  • Other daily activity
  • How long you’ve been overweight
  • How overweight you are
  • And so much more………..

The more of these you can sort out AND be consistent with, the faster you’ll see your transformation, but this is HARD.

Consistent motivation towards a big goal is hard to find day in and day out. Focus on the journey and the process. Step by step stick to the process and YOU WILL REACH YOUR GOALS.

The more you can stay focused, the faster this will happen but don’t give yourself a set deadline to lose a certain number. Instead, focus on what you’ll do TODAY to get you closer.

Have a plan and make the process the thing you really focus on

To get help with what to focus on first, join the Total Body Transformation Tribe. Check it out here: TOTAL BODY TRANSFORMATION TRIBE

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