Do You Need A Different Program For Your Body Type?


Do You Need A Different Program For Your Body Type?


The way your body looks today is not just a result of your genetics. In fact, if you’ve passed childhood, your genetics probably play a much smaller part than the factors listed below.

Of course, your height, your shorter limbs or long body are inherited, but what your body is actually looking like now (those things aside) is a result of the behaviours you have chosen to date (or that were chosen for you when you were younger)

People who are dedicated, consistent and put in the work required can appear to have awesome genetics. But the truth is that most people will never come close to achieving their full potential when it comes to body transformation.

This is usually due to underestimating how much consistency and dedication is required and the length of time it can take.

You may think you need to know your body type to lose body fat, get stronger or get fitter. This is not necessarily true.

First things first

Before you even have to consider your body type and how that may change your nutrition or training routine, you need to know that no matter what your body type, you need to get the basics pretty close to correct first. Because these are the same for almost EVERYONE.

You can find these basics in almost every blog post and article I’ve written, but here is a quick summary in case this is the first article of mine you’ve looked at:

  • Choose clean, non-processed foods MOST of the time
  • Eat enough protein – I teach this to all clients but a quick guide is roughly 4-5 serves per day for women and 7-9 for men (1 serve being approx 100g of any meat/poultry/fish or 2 eggs or 1 serve of a protein supplement. You can also get protein from greek or natural yoghurt or cottage cheese) Vegetarians still need to get enough protein – but that’s a topic for another article
  • Minimise carb and fat sources that are super easy to overeat. If you choose mostly non-processed foods you’ll find this easy.
  • Eat enough carbs for your activity level
  • Eat enough healthy fat to provide the nutrients that only come in fat sources
  • Eat the right amount in total (calories or energy) I won’t cover this here, but it does NOT involve you needing to calorie count
  • Train in a way that gets your sweaty and puffing a minimum of 3-5 times per week. This includes cardio training and resistance training. We all need a combo of both for the best results in terms of body composition changes and health

So body-type. Does it matter?

There are 3 main body types:

  • Endomorph – usually larger and fatter (if you’re overweight you may assume this is your type). Endomorphs do have a harder time losing body fat, but it’s definitely not impossible
  • Mesomorph – usually more muscular and this can make them look even bigger if they carry extra body fat too. But if they reduce that excess fat, they generally look leaner and more athletic than other types. They also generally gain muscle more easily
  • Ectomorph – these are the leaner and skinnier types who usually have a faster metabolism and find it hard to gain muscle. These types can however also gain excess body fat, especially as they age, but can often lose it more easily

There are also people that are clearly a mix of body types. For instance someone who gains fat and muscle easily can be described as an endomorphic mesomorph (endo-meso). This is where it gets super confusing but the main thing is to think about your predominant type when deciding on the intricacies of your program and of course to consider your goals.

When it comes to fat loss, getting fitter or gaining muscle a well-planned program is essential. Following that program consistently is even more important.

Some body types require a stricter adherence to nutrition and some to training. For instance, an endomorphic person will really need to dial in their nutrition more than an ectomorph would..

That doesn’t mean the ectomorph or mesomorph doesn’t need to eat well. It just means that they have a little more leeway.

Some body types may do better on a higher fat diet and others will need more carbohydrates.

The type and amount of training can also differ slightly. While a well rounded program will get everyone results, when you get closer to your goals, you may need to change things up a bit depending on what your goals are.

I find that lots of people don’t like training advice specific to their body type.

This is because generally, people like doing more of what they are better at and not what they need. Yep, those skinnier and leaner types love running and pushing to the max on high intensity intervals.

This of course if fine, and may have helped them to get to where they are so far, but when they want to dial it in to that last few kilos or look leaner and ‘fitter’ more resistance training and less cardio is usually called for. They also often need to cut back the frequency or replace some of their ‘gut busting’ workouts with strength training or even more relaxing methods such as pilates or yoga.

Likewise, those endomorphs won’t like to hear that they need to train more often. They need a good mix of training types to lose body fat and gain lean tissue which will help them lose more fat and maintain their results.

If an endomorph does too much dedicated resistance training and neglects cardio and HIIT, like the mesomorph, they can end up looking bulkier than they wanted. Unlike the mesomorph however, they do need to dedicate some time to muscle building if they want a truly amazing transformation.

So what does all this mean?

If I’ve left you totally confused, do not stress. Follow the basic guidelines above and you will get very close to your goals if you are consistent and stick with it for long enough (I know I keep using that same advice)

If you’re almost there and want more specific info, please contact me any time.

We are starting up some new programs in 2021 and I’ll be recommending different ones to specific clients in addition to our current FitForce, Box Out and PeakFit training sessions which cover all of those basics above.

When new clients start, they’ll be directed to our current selection of workouts because they work.

If they reach a stage where they may need to dial it in (and not everyone gets to this stage or even wants to) that’s when our newer workouts will come in. Some may be done in shorter programs and others will be ongoing.

FitForce and PeakFit will always be the mainstays of our programming. They combine everything you need (no matter your body type) to get fantastic results.

Box Out is an add-on – it’s fun and challenging and really works your cardiovascular system.

Till December 14th we are offering our HEALTHY HOLIDAYS PACK which includes all of our training types; FitForce, 45Lives, PeakFit Personal Training, Box Out and Pilates. These are a combo of online workouts and in person classes at Base.

Also included are your assessments, nutrition, a detox program in January and a personalised workout program for if you’re away on holidays.

The Healthy Holidays Program runs from now till January 31st all inclusive. Plenty of time for you to start seeing awesome results even with Xmas, New Year and holidays in between.

Alternatively you can email me directly at jo@fitterfaster.net.au for more information about the Holiday program or any of our other programs

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