Fat Loss is Easier Than You’ve Been Told


Fat Loss is Easier Than You’ve Been Told

jo butler

The number one, simplest way to lose bodyfat is to keep a food journal.  When I started FitterFaster way back in 2008 I discovered this.

I put it into practice and without fail, those achieving the best (or any) results, are those who keep a food journal.

So why don’t you keep one??

Some things move you towards your goals and some things move you further away.  You’re practically never staying still, and all you need to do is work out  which things are which.

And that’s what I’m here for.  As your coach (if you’re a client of mine) its my job to make sure  you know what to do, when and of course, what not to do and how to do it, step by step.


I don’t care if you skipped breakfast, had a block of chocolate for morning tea, chips for lunch and 2 minute noodles for tea.   I am not going to judge you.

Or if you ate the ‘picture’ perfect menu today but lost the plot yesterday.

What I do care about is simply knowing what you did, so I can help you to fix it.

If you are judging your food journal, you need to stop it.  The journal is simple a recording of what happened.  Its not a confession or admission of guilt.

Its simple a log of habits that enable us to know exactly where you are at and what we can change or what we should change to make your habits better.

And its not just as simple as saying; “stop eating this and eat that instead, and while you’re at it, stop snacking at supper time ”

The Food and Training Journal can tell me so much more.

For instance;

  • that on days when you skip the protein in your breakfast, did you notice you crave (and eat) more carbs at lunch?
  • or that on days when your water consumption was down, your training sessions were not as energetic and you had headaches?
  • that on days when you had lots of high energy carbs in your lunch, you were tired and lethargic and craved junk food all afternoon?

A detailed food journal points all of this out.

So as per my email, get that journal started today.  I promise I won’t judge you and you should stop judging yourself.

Let me take a look inside your daily habits so that we can work together to decide what you should work on first (the one thing that will give you bang for your buck, but be easy to achieve)

Once you get that sorted, we can move onto the next thing and so on.

Comment below if you want to get great results and you’re going to get your journal started.


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