Fitness, Fatloss and Health Myths


Fitness, Fatloss and Health Myths


You can find health and fitness information at the touch of a button – literally. But not all of it is great, and most of it is trying to get you to purchase something.

So myths abound. We are told so many different things – and sometimes they’re the best information we have at the time.

In fact I have slightly changed a few of my views over the past 11 years. Lets address a few myths today


Most likely, you believe that carbs are bad. They’re blamed for everything but especially fat gain or lack of fat loss.

While you could survive without carbs, you really do need to consume them, but maybe in different forms than you think.

Eating loads of fibrous vegetables and some fruits is the best way to get your carbs. They provide fibre, vitamins and minerals as well as phytonutrients that cannot be obtained from supplements.

The type of carbs you should cut back on are the ones I refer to as ‘cardboard-like’. That is, they provide about as much nutrition as a piece of cardboard.

These are pasta, bread products baked goods in general (like cakes, biscuits, slices, pastry etc). Even if these products are wholegrain, wholemeal or multigrain, they still provide little in the way of nutrients.

It all comes down to calories (or how much energy you consume and use) and these foods are extremely easy to overeat. This results in you eating too many calories and also displaces foods richer in nutrients because you’ve filled up on them.


With buzz words like HIIT and Interval Training it’s easy to think that every workout you do has to be hard, fast and exhausting.

While you do have to get out of your comfort zone – you do not have to push the pace every single time. In fact, many of the health benefits of exercise, such as living a longer life and lots of the heart/cardiovascular benefits only come from workouts at a lower intensity.

You do need to do easier workouts as well to get all the benefits including better fat loss.

Walking, easy running, swimming, constant cycling etc all improve the health benefits and will also increase fat loss when combined with that intense routine you love to do.


There is no magic in eating this often. While your metabolism does increase slightly when digesting food, studies are yet to show this makes any measurable difference to fat loss or nutrient absorption.

However, I still recommend eating this often IF you are trying to change the TYPE of foods you eat in any significant way.

Changing your diet from a mostly processed, higher carb/fat intake to a real-food diet can be a major change. You can reduce the time it takes to adapt by eating more often.

This really helps with cravings and addiction to processed foods because by the time you ‘need’ to eat something, you are due to eat anyway.

Once you have the type of food you eat fairly under control, then moving to eating less often is easier.

You can then time your ‘feeds’ in with the rest of your life. Whether that’s breakfast, lunch and tea. Or having 4 feeds by eating a snack at sometime through the day. Some people even work better eating just 2 times per day.

The frequency of your meals matters a lot less than what you’re eating and how much you’re eating.


Your metabolism varies on a day to day basis. It’s affected by so many different things including what and how much you’re eating, how much you’re moving, your sleep, your stress, your age, your body composition etc.

You cannot ‘break’ your metabolism. You can help to move it in the right position and certain things may cause your body to use less energy, but it’s not broken.

What you are doing each day (your current habits) are resulting in the state of your body right now. Not your broken metabolism.

Your general health, how much body fat and muscle mass you have, your energy levels are affected by what YOU are doing each and every day.


This one is NOT a myth.

If you consistently fill your pie hole with crap food, you are going to look and feel like crap.

If you consistently skip exercise, do as little as possible (whether intentional or not) you are going to have low fitness levels, little energy and be at risk of diseases association with that – like heart disease, osteoporosis, stroke, diabetes etc

If you consistently eat lots of nutrient rich food and are active, your body will display the benefits. You’ll look and feel energetic, your body fat will be low and you’ll have a much lower risk of chronic disease.

So what’s it going to be? It’s your choice………

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