The Most Important Element


The Most Important Element

jo butler

You’re imagining what its going to feel when  you lose 15kg.

You’re imagining being able to run 10km.

You’re imagining what it feels like to buy clothes off the rack.

You’re imagining how great its going to be when you can lift 100kg.

You’re imagining how you’ll love looking in the mirror when you weight  Xkg.

You’re imagining all the energy you’ll have when you lose weight and get fit.

Most of us spend a lot of time thinking about our goals.

But how are you going to get there?

It’s about training

It’s about eating properly

It’s about getting enough sleep

It’s about supplements and hydration

Sounds easy enough, but reality hits when your goal still seems so far away.

There’s something much more important than your big goals

It’s all about consistency.  Yep, its about doing what you have to do day in and day out.

The best way to become consistent is to pick one thing at a time to focus on;

  • Training 3 times per week
  • Eating a healthy breakfast
  • Drinking enough water each day
  • Not eating processed foods
  • and so on

Choose just one habit and focus on it every day till it becomes as much of a habit as cleaning your teeth.  Then choose another one.

Focusing on just one thing enables you to think about the present and exactly what you’re doing today, right now.

It enables you to have a sense of accomplishment “Hey, I can do this. I’ve done really well all week on ________”

It keeps you focused on taking action.  Just get it done.  Plan, prepare and make this one thing happen.

Consistency is much more important than perfection when it comes to transformation

Don’t think about the big picture all the time

Think about the right here and now and how you can make it better today.

Think about every little habit you can change to be consistent every day and every week.  But choose choose just one at a time.  If you’re trying to change everything, you’ll falter and won’t change anything at all.

Get that big goal of yours and break it down into little steps you can be consistent with.

Keep a track of all the little things you achieve and create momentum to keep going consistently till you reach your big goals.  So you drink 2 litres of water every day now and you have made training regularly a habit.  What’s next?  What habit will you introduce next?

Need help with which habits are important?

Clients at FitterFaster have an Accountability Table to track their successes every day and every week.  They get to feel a sense of achievement and accomplishment as they tick off the habits one day at a time.   These successes create momentum to keep going and create more good habits.  And all those consistent little habits add up to big successes over the long term

What habits are you going to put into place and follow consistently?  Leave a comment below


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