The 4 Keys to Results


The 4 Keys to Results


I could probably think of more, but the 4 hacks (don’t you love that word🤣) will get you 90% of your results

  • PREPARATION This applies mainly to food, and that’s what I’m going to focus on for the first point. If you have no idea ahead of time what you’re going to eat, you’re going to end up falling short of healthy and results providing meals. For a start, you need to have the right ingredients and foods on hand. This is true even when eating out – so spend some time each week working out what you’ll be having for breakfast, lunch, tea and snacks and make sure you have it all available
  • MAP OUT YOUR PLAN This is mostly about your training and daily movement. When are you going to do your workouts? Whether you need to book them in with your PT or you’re doing them at home, you should diarise them so that you set time aside to actually get your training in. Saying you’re going to do and actually doing it are 2 totally different things
  • SUBMIT TO THE PROCESS Try not to overthink it. There is no ‘perfect’ plan. Unless you’re quite advanced you are going to get results from pretty much any exercise. The thing to be careful of is getting injured or spending too little or too much time to see results. Once again, planning your training regime or actually doing some training will lead to totally different outcomes – and one of them won’t make you happy. Once you have started, you need to give it time to work. I see over and over again, people swapping from one thing to the other without giving anything time. You do not need to ‘confuse’ your muscles. You need to train your body.
  • BUDDY UP To help you stay motivated, get on board with others that have similar or the same goals. You may have a friend who is perfect for this but if you don’t, joining a group of likeminded people will make it much more likely that you’ll achieve your goals.

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