The Greatest Loser Is Back


The Greatest Loser Is Back

jo butler

If you want to change your body and your life, this is the program you need.


What’s included?

12 weeks of focused training including FitterFaster FitForce and Box Out training as well as a Precision Nutrition Program that is based on real food that is easy to prepare and cook and that your whole family can share and enjoy.

The Greatest Loser Challenge gives you the opportunity to work as part of  a team to get the best from yourself and help others along the way as well.  You’ll take part in fitness and nutrition challenges that will inspire you to work your hardest and ensure you have the knowledge to continue to get results even when the program is finished.

  • You’ll have assessments before, during and after to make sure you’re on track for the entire journey.
  • You’ll take part in an unlimited number of training sessions for the 12 weeks at FitterFaster, all included in the entry fee.  Minimum attendance required for the program is 3 times per week.  Any less than that and you won’t get the best from yourself or the program.
  • You’ll get a nutrition plan that is different every single day and a complete recipe book to go with it full of healthy recipes that are really quick and easy to make and use only ingredients that you can easily get at the local supermarket.  Not only that, but your family will love them too.  You won’t just eat healthier, but your whole family will too!
  • Yummy recipes such as Caramelised Chicken, Lemon Balls, Coconut Chicken, Banana Pancakes, Tuscan Salad, Citrus Tacos, Thai Spicy Pork and Bacon/Avocado Chicken Salad are just some of the awesome recipes that you’ll enjoy throughout the program.
  • The program will be presented to you in hard copy format, but you’ll also be able to access downloads if you prefer to view and keep everything on your computer/phone.
  • You’ll improve your fitness way beyond what you though possible and test it regularly with challenges and games that will be fun as you work as part of your team
  • You’ll be accountable to me via food journaling and regular check ins. I’ll be keeping tabs on your attendance and making sure you’re following the nutrition plan
  • No more starving.
  • No more boring diets based on eating the same foods over and over
  • No more shakes, bars and pills that never work as promised
  • No more boring workouts doing the same thing over and over either

Total Cost for the 12 week program that includes all of the above and A GUARANTEE OF RESULTS is just $299.

Commences September 8th.  Entries close 30th August

Remember that all your training is included, your nutrition program and recipes are included, all assessments, challenges, games and testing are included.  Also included is my guarantee that you will achieve results or I will refund your entry feel. Don’t apply if you’re not serious about taking this seriously.  You must have a minimum of 10kg to lose and be willing to be accountable to me because you’re sick of following program after program that just don’t work. While there are many ways of holding yourself accountable, there’s nothing like having a coach to keep you on track.  Let that be me and you won’t look back.

To enter or get more information, contact me today by clicking on the image below.  You will not regret it.  If you’re ready to go ahead, you can also make payment below via Paypal

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