After the first Covid Lockdowns in 2020, we relaunched FitterFaster with a few changes.

We made a few changes to our timetable and added some new sessions as well as redesigned our Membership to include the FitterFaster Academy.

The FF Academy is housed on a membership platform so that even if you’re not on social media, you still have access to all our resources which include (among other things):

  • The FF recipe book with over 400 healthy but easy to cook meals and snacks
  • Short video home workouts that you can do anywhere at any time with little or No equipment. Great for days when you can’t leave the house, you’re on holidays or you just want to do extra. New ones added monthly
  • Lessons and strategies to help you actually make changes to your nutrition and lifestyle habits. We don’t just teach you what to do, but we actually help you to do it. New strategies added regularly
  • Regular short video trainings on topics requested by clients or that I can see many struggling with EG snacking, meal prep, supplements, recovery, fasting, etc
  • Almost 24/7 support from me personally and from our Client Success Manager. You can email, text or message me any time and I will get back to you usually within hours or at least the same day.
  • Our Client Success Manager and I will keep track of your training program and make sure you attend regularly with follow ups when you miss classes or have been inconsistent.
  • A private Facebook group is also attached for our client community.  This is optional if you prefer not to be on social media platforms


There are training sessions to suit everyone at FitterFaster. Below is a description of each.

FITFORCE is our mainstay training session. FitForce sessions are held outdoors (unless it’s raining or super hot) and incorporate bodyweight drills, resistance training and metabolic conditioning. Which in plain English, means you’ll get super fit, lose body fat and increase performance no matter your starting fitness level. Each FitForce session runs for 60 minutes and is suitable for total beginners or the very fittest. If you had to choose just one for best results, it would be FitForce.

PEAKFIT are our semi-private Personal Training sessions. We have a maximum of 6 clients in any session and these are planned according to the participants in each session. Some clients need more cardio to increase heart and cardiovascular system health. Others attend PeakFit to work more on their strength/mobility or to help rehab an injury. PeakFit also runs for 60 minutes and are held inside the FitterFaster gym. Peakfit will also change your body- like FitForce and would be my second recommendation if you had to choose just one.

BOX OUT are our cardio boxing sessions. These are a mixture of indoor and outdoor training and also run for 60 minutes. Expect to get a sweat up and really work your cardiovascular system. Box Out is not suitable for some injuries and conditions but beginners or the fittest can both attend. Box Out will rapidly increase your cardiovascular fitness but you’ll also need to attend either FitForce or PeakFit at least once per week as a FitterFaster training client.

45LIVE are our new live-streamed training sessions. These run for 45 minutes (hence the name đŸ˜€) using zoom software and a live coach so it’s not prerecorded. You just need a set of hand weights to complete these workouts at home. They have a mix of resistance, core and metabolic conditioning components and are a great way to get or stay fit at home or as an add on to your FitterFaster training program. Some clients use them as extra sessions (along with the Home or as emergency workouts when children are sick or partners are not at home.)

We have several different training packages at FitterFaster and you can find out exactly how much each costs and what is included by clicking here: TRAINING PACKAGES AND PRICING

You can also get further information emailed directly to you by completing your details below

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