Book Review – That Sugar Book by Damon Gameau



Book Review – That Sugar Book by Damon Gameau

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Welcome to my first book Review.  This will be a series of quick reviews of books, products, websites, cafes etc to help you on your journey to better health, fitness and a killer body!


THAT SUGAR BOOK by Damon Gameau

I have to be totally honest and tell you I haven’t even finished reading this book yet, but it has inspired me to start this series already.

I highly recommend that you read this book even if you think you don’t eat much sugar, if you have kids, if you want to improve your health or lose weight or even if you are just slightly interested in improving your health or body weight.

What you’ll learn about hidden sugar sources is astonishing to say the least.  You’ll be horrified at how much sugar you are eating even if you think that you’re not!

The book follows the journey of Damon who up until he undertook this experiment, was eating a healthy diet of whole foods, lean meats, vegetables, some fruits and healthy fat sources such as avocado and nuts.  (Pretty much the FitterFaster Nutrition Program)  He had also removed refined sugar from his diet and had not touched alcohol or caffeine for 5 years.

For the 60 days of his experiment, Damon decided to eat the typical ‘healthy’ diet of most western countries by consuming 40 teaspoons of sugar per day, from ‘healthy’ sources only.  So basically, he did not ‘add sugar’ to anything (no powdery white stuff) but instead, started to consume so-called healthy breakfast cereals, fruit juices and muesli bars.

His rules were:

  • Consume 40 teaspoons of sugar per day
  • This must be made up of ‘hidden’ sugars only in foods promoted as ‘healthy’ such as breakfast cereals, muesli bars and juices
  • The sugar must consist of SUCROSE and FRUCTOSE specifically whether ‘added’ or ‘naturally occurring’.  Products such as bread would not be counted, despite the fact that they do break down to a type of sugar in the body
  • He had to choose ‘low fat’ varieties of the above foods
  • He had to maintain his current exercise routine so as not to muck up  the results by changing this side of anything

Prior to the experiment, he assembled a huge team of experts who fully assessed his health before, during and after the experiment.

I won’t let you in on what happened, but believe me, it will absolutely shock you how the foods touted as ‘healthy’ by doctors, the media, dieticians (not all), marketers and practically everyone else still stuck on the FOOD PYRAMID way of eating, affected Damon’s physical health, mental health and his body fat levels.

This book is required reading guys and I highly recommend it. 

Buy one for your mum, your kids, your neighbour and for your school library.  Its an easy read and includes a recipe section at the back.  Just remember that although I am totally for eating healthy fats every day, some of the recipes are still ‘treats’ despite their lack of sugar.  Any macro nutrient eaten in excess will result in fat gain-even healthy fats.

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Book Review – That Sugar Book by Damon Gameau

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