10 Things To Know About FitterFaster Training Programs

1. You can control the intensity of each workout with the effort you put in.  While we will challenge you to get fitter, we won’t push you too far.

2. Pain increases cortisol and cortisol increases body fat.  There is no benefit to working out in pain.  Avoid the painful patterns and train the non-painful patterns. If you’re injured, listen to your body.

3. Soreness is ok, but it’s not marker of a good workout.  Just because you aren’t sore the next day, don’t think that you didn’t train smart or hard. Results are a better indication of a good workout than next-day soreness.

4. Continuing to train and ignoring injuries will only lead to further injury and/or plateaus.  That is why we use modifications and work to find your dysfunctions so we can work on cleaning up your weakest links. We are constantly watching your technique and correcting your form.  Even if your injury is healed, you’ll sometimes still be in the habit of a bad movement pattern.  This will lead to more injuries if its not corrected.  We work to correct this.

5. Overtraining or under-recovery can be a contributor to lack of results and often up with people quitting training.  If you workout more than 6 times per week, it is highly recommended to take a recovery week every 5-6 weeks and do light training or cut back your training that week instead.

6. Lifting weights will not make you bulky ladies!! It will make you strong and lean.  Not lifting weights will make you frail and skinny-fat. We incorporate resistance training and various types of cardio and metabolic training methods to increase your results.  You may have noticed that certain weight lifting programs made you look bigger – we will address that.  You won’t get bigger at FitterFaster unless that’s your goal.

7. You will get much better results from doing a less challenging exercise in good form than you will from a more challenging progression in bad form.  Form before intensity every time!!!  Stick with the version you can do really well instead of progressing too quickly and getting injured.

8. It’s important to know that you can’t out-train a bad diet. If you don’t clean up your diet, you’re going to be disappointed. We provide solid nutrition advice and programs so you can achieve fantastic results. Good nutrition is equally as important as training-remember that!

9. Recovery is just as important as the workout.  Good nutrition, 7 plus hours of sleep, stress reduction, and tissue quality work such as stretching, foam rolling and physical therapy are essential to a balanced program.

10. We are not going to do 100’s of sit-ups and crunches.  Your lumbar spine is made to stabilise, not flex and extend repeatedly under load.  We mostly do stabilisation exercises for the core, and if your form is right you are working your core on EVERY exercise that we select.  Core training at it’s best is trying to maintain good posture under a load or force that is trying to alter that posture.  So sit ups and similar will feature, but not for everyone and not that often.

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