FatLoss, do it the easy or the hard(er) way


FatLoss, do it the easy or the hard(er) way

jo butler


When it comes to fat loss, you’d be forgiven for thinking that you’ll drop those excess 30kg in a matter of days without any effort at all.

Most people are disappointed to find that its actually not that easy and that it actually requires some effort

Fat Loss is really quite simple, but not so easy.  There is however an ‘easier’ way and a ‘harder’ way.

Quite simply, you have to choose:

Easier route – will take longer

Harder path – may be quicker but much more treacherous

Let’s examine the easier route first

Obviously, you’ll need more time to accomplish fat loss via the easier track.  This path is a matter of making sustainable changes to your lifestyle that you’ll pretty much be able to maintain forever.

Stuff like;

  • changing the types of food you eat, but not being ‘too’ strict with quantities.
  • Training 3 or so times per week for 30-60 minutes at a time
  • Using a measuring cup for certain foods that are easy to overeat at least every now and again.  You’ll learn over time to ‘eyeball’ a suitable serving size, but its a great idea to measure every once and a while to make sure your serving sizes haven’t crept up
  • Taking some supplements that are actually more about improving overall health than for ‘fatloss’ such as an Omega 3 supplement
  • Getting enough sleep and staying hydrated
  • etc

The hard track on the other hand is most likely going to produce much faster results, but has many pitfalls along the way.  If you choose this path, you’ll be doing stuff like:

  • Strict food, training and daily habit journalling
  • Training more often (4-6 times per week minimum)
  • Measuring, weighing and being super careful with food quantity at all times
  • Being much more strict with the types of foods you eat at all times
  • No treat foods or a maximum of 1 treat approx every 7-10 days
  • etc

There is a place for both types of programs during almost everyones’ journey to  a better body composition.  Both paths should be pursued with better health ALWAYS being the guide.  So even on a strict FitterFaster program, you’ll always put health first even while working towards a faster finish time.

My best option for most people, is to follow the safer, albeit slower, path and have short bursts of really focused ‘fast tracking’ when you’re able.  The best time for faster trips, is when you do not have things such as holidays, special occasions or other items on the agenda that will make the fast lane hard to stick in.

I absolutely do not recommend short trips down the fast lane interspaced with periods of ‘going nowhere’.

The lose 5kg, add 4kg, lose 2kg, add 3kg track IS NOT RECOMMENDED.  This always leads to a sense of failure and a harder time losing that weight next time.  The newest research shows that doing this actually ages your body on a cellular level as well – not a good outcome.

You can lose all of your excess body fat

I totally believe that you can lose all of your excess body fat over time by being full-on, totally focused for shorter periods (4-12 weeks) on that fast track, but always, coming back to the safer, slower route in between where you go through a period of maintaining (or slowly losing) while cementing all of the processes and habits that you’ll need to continue with long term.

Alternatively, you may prefer to take the more scenic, but longer, route to your destination without ever increasing speed and this is actually the best track for lots of people.

The slower track does not lead you back to the start.

We have to get off the ‘on’ or ‘off’ treadmill.  Changing your body and improving your health is a lifetime trip.  The minute you go off the course, you’ll get lost and I see this time an time again.

If you’re not ready for the fast lane yet, take your foot off the accelerator, slow down and go back to changing one or two habits at a time and make them stick for good.  The slow path still takes you in the right direction. The treadmill does not lead anywhere and in fact, can quite often throw you right off so you end up back where you started or even further away than that if you’re not careful.

You don’t have to choose between going forwards or backwards.

Get out of reverse.  Keep heading in the right direction no matter how slowly you’re taking it. Stay in drive at all times.

When evaluating your choice of routes, ask yourself if you are truly 90-100% sure that the path you are thinking of taking is the one you can sustain for the time you’ve allowed.  If the answer is no, choose a different course so you can stick with it.

For more help with this, you can email me any time jo@fitterfaster.net.au or to find out more about my training programs, fill in your details in the form on the right hand side of this page above.

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