How Many of These Could you Answer?


How Many of These Could you Answer?

jo butler

The final round of answers to the recent quiz I gave all my clients.  The rest of the answers can be found here:

Part One

Part Two

What would be the best choice for a High Energy Carbohydrate from the following?

  • White Rice

  • Whole Grain Bread

  • Whole Grain Pasta

The correct answer is White Rice!  This questions caused a lot of confusion, but really shouldn’t have for FitterFaster clients.  If in doubt, you can find the answers to these kinds of questions by checking the FitterFaster Food Charts.

If planning a meal or snack and you know you need a protein, a high energy carb and some fats or low energy carbs, GO TO THE LISTS to check your best and other choices.  Regular meal and snack planning will enable you to make good choices over time by habit without having to check.

I advise ALL CLIENTS to go back to referring to the charts from time to time to make sure that bad habits and choices are not creeping back in.  Its poor choices over time that results in body fat accumulation and poorer health.

Of the following, what category are Date and Nut Balls in? Check all that apply

  • Protein

  • High Energy Carbs

  • Fats

  • Low Energy Carbs

The correct answer is High Energy Carbs and Fats.

This question was the one that caused the most issues.  A lot said protein and lots said low energy carbs too.  Others answered either HE Carbs or Fats, but not both.

When making choices like this for meals, LOOK AT THE INGREDIENTS!

Dates = High Energy Carbs

Nuts = Fats

Hello, its simple!

Give 5 examples of one serve of protein for a woman

100g low fat cottage cheese

120g or beef, lamb, chicken, pork or other lean meat or poultry

150g white fish

100g oily fish such as salmon or sardines

150g shellfish or other seafood

2 whole eggs

Are all examples of 1 serve of protein

Name three things you  could do to improve your recovery between training sessions


Foam Rolling

Good Nutriton

Proper hydration

Epsom salt baths or foot soaks


Massage or other physical therapy


Taking fish oils


Are all examples of ways to improve your recovery and therefore your results


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